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  • 10 August 2020
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I’m very disappointed on the service you guys provided to me today I’m a freaking bartender how would u guys expect for me to pay my bill if all the bars r close yet still u guys tell me u will call me n 30 min n nothing it’s been 5 hours n freaking call if this is the service I’ll will get from u guys I’m sorry to say u guys I will not be with guys no longer n the people that I brought will leave ur freaking company u guys I’m sorry ur the ones that messed up for not doing what u will do 

2 replies

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Payment extensions are available for those who need them by calling Customer Care.  If you find you still need longer than the original extension, then you need to call in and ask for a further extension.  No company is forgiving balances owed.  After an account reaches a certain past due balance, it might be terminated and sent to collections.  

Clearly, this forum needs a working word filter!

I am here to share my extremely disappointing experience with sales rep first and with customer service rep. I tried to switch from ATT on 9/18/2020, placed an order after talking to sales rep over phone whom I chatted 1st over T-mobile webpage. She confirmed and promised that there is coverage in my area, placed an order with $122 for 4 SIMS. Ported out two numbers from my ATT account today and guess what, without WIFI there is no cellular network on those SIMS. Called tech support, the lady apologized and asked me to contact the sales rep for my refund. Mind you, I had the sales rep email from 9/18. She said it was a glitch on her coverage map and she is sorry for misleading me. Then, she gave me a number to talk about my refund. Then there comes the astonishing customer service when I am on the phone with a rep around 4:30 pm ET. The lady on the phone from order status dept., tells me T-mobile doesn’t refund for SIMS even if the coverage isn’t there. She goes on to tell me to to contact my Bank to lodge a dispute not to approve the $122 for initial order that I made on 9/18. I asked her to send me the doc or a link to show where in the contact it mentions that no refund for SIMS and support services. She wouldn’t share anything nor she would tell me her name. Eventually, after much deliberation with other customer rep, I was able to close my account and get T-mobile to initiate refund process. Meanwhile, the sales rep who helped with the order wouldn’t reply to my email when I asked that someone from order status dept. wouldn’t refund my $122. Talk about un-carrier ! 


I understand people make mistakes and no one is perfect. But the fact that a telecom that is aggressively marketing about good services and running promo to switch customers in would have employees who not only accept the fault and help to resolve disputes but double down to misled a customer further and take the customers for granted is just unacceptable. I had to spend $24 on uber running around to resolve my issue, spent hours over phone to talk to T-mobile reps. Definitely not going to recommend to anyone that I know and would share the story of my experience to those colleagues who are looking for reasons to switch from T-mobile.