complaint manager store #5519 doesn't care if customers cancel accounts


I can't find a place to email a complaint. I posted this on the facebook, and thought I should share here as well.

I was in one of your stores today, #5519 on 5190 Wilson Mills rd. Richmond height, Oh 44143. My oldest brother is a retired LT. Coronel of US Army. He has been a T-Mobile customer for 30 yrs. he has our Mom on his family plan.


Our Mom had a flip phone that was giving her problems. She went to store #5519 to exchange for a working phone. Our Mom is 84 years old and not technical savvy. The salesperson sold her a Samsung Galaxy, and never showed her how to use it. After 1 week, our mom became frustrated because she could make calls, and kept calling the wrong people. The phone was just too complicated for a 84 yr old.


Since my brother lives in San Antonio, near the base, I went with our Mom to store #5519 to exchange for a phone she could operate. The store manager was absent, and the store clerk was not trained to handle a return. He called his manager Ryan, and he wanted to charge a $50 restocking fee after already taking our Mom's old phone and charging her $65 for a "free phone on a promotion.


I told him that she should never have been sold such a complicated phone. She has only had it for a week. We want to instead trade towards a different phone and pay the difference. He refused and said no she is paying $50. I told him that I am also a T-mobile customer, since my brother had joined, and most of my family is active or retired military. I asked him is it really worth losing all of us over $50 for a phone you never should have sold her? He told me he doesn't care if we all cancel our accounts!! I asked him to repeat, that he does not care if we all cancel our accounts because of how our mother is being treated. He once again said I don't care if you all cancel your accounts! I then asked for his last name. He said he isn't giving it to me. It is Ryan store manager! He was extremely rude and being condescending. Meanwhile there is advertising in the store saying how much T-Mobile cares about military service! I asked him to just return my Mom's old phone, and he said no, it has been sent to the warehouse. So I said, you will not give her the old phone back, you want to charge her $50 to return a phone she should have never been sold, and she paid has already paid $65 for a "free phone". He should not have a job in customer service. I am frustrated that he is representing your brand, and told me that customers are not valued!


We left the store and went to the location at 13996 Cedar Rd, University Heights, OH, 44118. The service was friendly and they said they never would have sold that phone to our Mom, and definitely would have showed her how to use it. They gave her credit for what she had already paid, and we paid the rest to buy a LG phone that our mom could operate. She is happy to be able to use her phone again. However, if the attitude is that This Ryan "store manager" is saying T-mobile doesn't care if My brother, Me, and the rest of my family and friends remain customers, then there are plenty of options. We will not continue to spend our money with a company that does not care if we stay or leave.

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