• 4 November 2018
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what does it mean: The MSISDN is already registered to another IAM user account?


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Sounds like the phone is linked to some type of Amazon account.

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'Stuck at "Link phone number" page, because website wouldn't send me a confirmation link

Did you have a change of responsibility or move your number to a different account?

A new phone line was obtained And the two lines were merged supposedly. The original line is what seems to have the problem.


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I'm sorry, I don't quite understand- two lines were merged? Did you port in a number to replace the line that was obtained? Or are you saying it was merged into your account?

Two lines merged on the same account with one as master.

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Are you trying to register this phone number for a T-Mobile ID? If so, you may wanna Community-2153​ so our Tech folks can file a Help Desk ticket for you.

Confused!  I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years.  This year I decided to go ahead a get another phone which would make it my 4th phone for my husband.  The first month I was so happy for the amount I paid for because I felt I got a barging.  The second month was super expensive. I decided to call T-Mobile. When I spoke with the representative who was super informative, she advised me that I had a line that i was paying for which i was unaware off. I asked her to give me proof of this line because at that time I only had my line, my daughters line and my iWatch. Noting my husband had been working for a company for over 16 years in where they provided a work phone.  Therefore it does not make any sense for me to open up a phone on 7/20.  Once my husband got a new job that's when I called T-Mobile to get the promotion on receiving a free line.  I was rejected and i still don't know why.  I am so sad that such a wonderful company can not give me an accurate information.


I am confused and may start searching for a different service.


Thank you,

Angelly Luciano

I am having the same problem, only I dont have time to talk to tech support. I just got 2 S22 Ultras and they are completely unusable because of this error. I am filing FCC complaints again Tmobile. This is unacceptable.