Considering upgrading to a 5G phone, have old Simple Choice plan.

  • 18 January 2021
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So, we have an old Simple Choice plan where 2 lines are $100. If we upgrade to a new 5G phone, do we need to switch plans to get access to the 5G network?

1 reply

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First off the 5g network is garbage so i dono why u would want to do that unless you wanted a better phone. All the 5g does is make it switch back and forth between 4glte and 5g breaking the signal and intrupting what you are doing.


So i have a note 10 plus 5g, s20 ultra, and a s7 plus 5g tablet. On my hill i get 3 bars of 5g, which will switch back and forth. That ends up being 30 down and 2 up.


My friend came over and went to the woods, he did a speed test and got 300 down 100 up and 20 less ms ping. That was verizon 4g lte, i almost threw my phone on the ground. 

No you dont pay extra for 5g because it isnt even 5g like most people think of it, i honestly dont think it even exsists other than the number at the top of the phone. The download speeds, and pings are not better when the phone says 5g. Also when i get home some times and use thier steal my internet and give every one free tmobile or 4glte cell spot, it shows up as 5g. 5g didnt even exist when this 4glte cell spot was made. 


If you switch from what ever that old plan is, they will put u on mangta and you will never get what ecer plan that was back. Which is for 2 phones i think 45 each or something. Which is 50gb and then they cap you if there is congestion. 

Tmobile over charges on phones anyways, so if you have the cash to buy your phones dont even bother with tmobile. If you are use to paying 100, you can easily get atnt or verizon for that, which both have 100 times better service.