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  • 15 February 2017
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Could some one contact me @ XXXXXXXXXX my account I dnt suppose 2 b AT&T at

all... this has screwed up my friends account and until u contacted me I

had no way 2 correct this intrusion & unauthorized action which has

prevented me from taking necessary steps towards fighting for my

children.... my name is lakecia jones... thise account is not of my doin


*branched/edited personal info - Marissa

1 reply

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Hi Lakecia, thank you for taking a moment to reach out on our Support forum.  I've edited your phone number from this post - the Support Community is a public user forum, so moderators here aren't able to review individual accounts or contact customers outbound, and we don't want your phone number sitting online for spammers to pick up. 
It's hard to tell from your original post here what the details of the situation are, but I'm happy to assist with any general questions you may need answered.  Do you mind letting me know a little more about what's going on?  Are you a T-Mobile customer, or was a T-Mobile account opened in your name?

- Marissa