Costco 2018 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up

  • 11 November 2018
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This "promotion" was a complete SHAM! T-Mobile lured us by stating: "trade-in an eligible device and purchase a new Apple Xr, Xs, or Xs Max to save up to $390..." (My particular phone was eligible for $250 trade credit. Uh, yeah, sign me up, please!)

But the key requirement to the offer is that the iPhone must come from your local Costco Warehouse's inventory! You couldn't just walk into Costco and order whatever iPhone XR you want, if they didn't have it! (T-Mobile completely fails to mention this on their website: Costco 2018 Q4 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up). And, here's the problem: Costco barely had any inventory, if any at all, on the iPhone XR before the promotion ended! I wanted a 128 GB XR, in ANY color, but I kept checking with my 2 local Costco Warehouses every other day--either via phone or in-person--for 3 weeks (the "promotion" ran from October 19th to November 8th), but they never got a single 128 GB phone in stock during that time! Consequently, I never got a phone.

Shame on T-Mobile and John Legere for running this bogus offer! What was the point? It did nothing other than make us T-Mobile customers angry!

(Yes, I know T-Mobile is running a similar promotion through their web site and in stores. But, the trade credit comes in the form of bill credits over 36 months rather than a lump-sum rebate--via Prepaid MasterCard--with the Costco promotion. So, if you want the full rebate, you've gotta stay locked into T-Mobile for 3 years! Yeah, no thanks! I remember when T-Mobile was the UnCarrier. Now, they're playing games just like the other 3.)

8 replies

Looks like the deal is still going. It didn’t end on 11/8.

Costco 2018 Q4 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up

No. T-Mobile's web page is incorrect; it says "October 19, 2018 - TBA", but the promotion has expired. If you walked into your local Costco store and asked about this promotion, they would tell you that it ended on 11/8/18.

Hey, @magenta6492973​!

We appreciate your feedback with this promotion. Please keep in mind that this promotion was run by Costco (Wireless Advocates) and unfortunately we don't have any control over the inventory they receive from Apple. As you mentioned, we have a separate promotion running, but it sounds like the lump sum credit was preferred versus what we are offering. We also just announced a couple more deals for ​Magenta Friday​ that you can check out here.

I will have to echo the sentiment there. there is very little transparency in stock item availability for T-Mobile/Costco level of integration. I mean, the rebate is handled by T-mobile website...

Also, do you realize that the magenta friday offers will still be affected by lack of stock? also, most of us don't need to add a line...

I agree that Tmobile is no longer the uncarrier. any offer is tied with many loopholes and restrictions. Locking you in for several years, adding a line that you dont need, taking away what was normally included like international text and Data. In the end you pay a lot more than the savings.

Amanda, thank you for your reply. I can certainly understand T-Mobile wanting to distance themselves from this promotion. But your implication that Costco alone is responsible for this failed promotion is completely disingenuous. After all, Costco could not have offered this promotion without the full approval (and cooperation) of T-Mobile. No. This was a joint promotion, as evidenced by these two facts:

  1. T-Mobile is processing the rebate for promotion code: COSTCOAPPLEXR
  2. T-Mobile has been promoting this offer on it's own web site since October 19, 2018. In fact, this promotion is still listed on T-Mobile's web site today (11/15/18), even though Costco discontinued it on November 8, 2018. Costco 2018 Q4 Apple iPhone XR Trade In Trade Up

Before T-Mobile shamelessly agreed to run this promotion with Costco, perhaps they should have done their due diligence to ensure that iPhone XR's would actually be available for purchase before the "deal" expired!

So if you buy 64GB right now and week later if they have 128GB in stock would be not able to exchange through T-Mobile or Costco?

Hello ,

I got my iPhone  XR under similar offer. traded my iphone 6s and got the iPhone XR shipped to my address. I have oy received $54 as the credit instead of $750.

Can someone please let me know when I will get the remaning credit. i have selected the one time bill credit .