Costco BOGO S9 + OR S9 promo denied for purchase date

     I lost my initial receipt from Costco as I washed my wallet; So I went and got a new printout of the Sales Audit Transaction and because it had the date in which I got the second receipt outside of the promo; my submission was denied. However, if one was to clearly look at the Sales Date portion of the receipt and not just the top left corner of the picture they would see it was a valid sales date of 4/03/18.

My concern is this I'm nearing the end of my submission so now I have to play a cat and mouse game via email; Will this stop me from getting my rebate if more issues arise or am I okay since I've submitted it within the time allowed time frame?


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Hey, @maverick93​!

This shouldn't be a stressful situation but it's hard not to get concerned with a deadline coming up. Have you already resubmitted your rebate that clearly highlights the purchase date vs the receipt print date? You can also contact our Rebate Care team directly by dialing 1-877-311-8853 (press 1, then press 3, then press 1, and lastly press 1 again). Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.

Now I'm out of the promotional date; I'll call when I get off work tomorrow and see if I can find out more info.

I did try to resubmit the picture of the receipt by just folding over the upper top that shows I pulled it from my Costco Sales History( because it doesn't look like a receipt; However it would not allow me to resubmit or establish a new promotional rebate request for whatever reason, as to why I posted on here to make sure I had something to backdate my issue so I wouldn't be disqualified for my rebate. My initial promotional claim was denied on 5/2/18 for Invalid purchase date. With that being said all my paperwork and reciept shows that shouldn't be the case.

Thanks for getting back to me!

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Hey, @maverick93​! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had the chance to reach out to the rebate care team over the weekend! How are things going?

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Just wanted to check in again!


I'm sorry!  Thank you both for being so persistent I greatly appreciate you both checking in on this post. It's been one busy week. I went ahead and called the number provided by tmo_marissa;and got ahold of a representative from the rebate care team. The issue with my rebate appears to be because I lost my original receipt & the department cannot and will not proceed with my rebate until I once again return to Costco and obtain a second receipt with the Costco name on it. As I stated above, losing the original receipt I used a Costco account summary hard pull from the front desk with the transaction to submit as my receipt as it shows everything that should be sufficient for proof of purchase; However because "gold star member" and lack of the word Costco on my accounts Sales Audit Transaction... I will have to  go back to Costco tomorrow and see if they can provide me with some sort of proof of purchase that has the "COSTCO" name on it to further proceed.

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Thanks for the update -- I'm glad to hear you were able to get in touch! Hopefully getting the receipt copy tomorrow is a quick trip!

Went in tonight; Costco customer service was really nice, but they do not and will not reprint a receipt with a Costco name on it because the account history pull contains the warehouse id and all other information that should be more then sufficient; as they put it. I had to have the original receipt to even get the phones via the security check and contracts that were signed at the T-mobile kiosk. So, Costco Customer Service redirected me to the T-Mobile kiosk inside the store and from what I'm being told I should receive an email tomorrow from T-mobile in regards to them having the receipt from processing on your side. If that's the case.. I don't see why this is even an issue because I'll end up getting a receipt for proof of purchase from T-mobile to then have to upload whatever proof i receive from T-Mobile onto T-Mobiles rebate section.  Then once again becomes the issue of does it or does it not have the Costco name on it. It's been loop after loop dealing with the rebate care team; my fingers are crossed but this sounds way too good to be true haha.

Hey @maverick93 were you able to resolve this? Because I'm having the exact same issue, and I haven't been able to get my rebate for 3 months...

So funny you asked, just checked today because I'm about done with T-Mobile's game's it's taken almost a month now since I resubmitted my rebate claim; as of just today it finally once again was denied. I will once again make a call tonight to get the run around by T-Mobile. It seems to me it will only continue because the last I was told by rebate support was the lack of Costco name, now that has been cleared and they once again find another issue. Apparently... Duplicate transaction ID.  whatever this means.

I hope you're able to get yours though!

Were you able to get the rebate at last? I also lost the receipt and wonder if I can get rebate