Coverage issues at 4th & Pike, downtown Seattle?

4th & Pike St in downtown Seattle has been a nightmare for coverage.

During the day I’m lucky to get 1-2 Mbps and when rush hour hits around 4-5  it drops to 0-0.5 Mbps.

There are often times when there’s no connection even though I have full bars. I’ve tried different phones with the same result.

This has been going on for months now and it happens whether I’m on street level outside or at the window of the top floor of our building.

Ironically there are cell towers at the top of the building that I can see, but I don’t know if they are T-Mobile towers.

Anyone nearby see the same problems?


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Sounds like classic symptoms of network congestion. There may be some relief when band 71 becomes available early next year but it will really take completion of the Sprint merger and addition of Sprint's band 41 spectrum to make any big impact in places like this. What phone are you using?

I'm using an iPhone XS Max. It's really frustrating. I've been trying to live with it, but it renders my phone useless.

I used to have access to Wifi, but I no longer do.

I guess I need to consider other carriers. A friend has AT&T and it is blazing fast all day long.

The XS Max has all the bands, plus some (e.g. 46) and 4-way Carrier Aggregation, so it's about as good as you can get for congestion.

T-Mobile could probably add some band-46 (5 GHz) to those towers and eliminate a lot of congestion.

Is your phone unlocked? It would work well on AT&T. 

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This definitely sounds like congestion 😥 Out of curiosity, have you already reported this to our team of experts over the phone? If not, they can gather the specific information from you and log a complaint so that the engineers can see this is impacting our users.

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A quick question: what plan do you have?

I have not contacted support yet. Can I do it over Apple business chat? What do I say? That I'm having a coverage issue?

My plan is TMobile One.

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Thanks!  Definitely reach out to one of your Experts for assistance.  If you wish to do so over chat, that's great! You can use the T-Mobile app on your phone to start a chat, or if you see the "Message Us on My T-Mobile" button at the bottom of this page, you can start there.  Most likely, however, they'll want to put you in touch with a Tech Expert who will be able to call you back at your convenience, or you can dial 611 directly and request Tech Support.