Crappy Deals For Existing Customer

  • 15 November 2018
  • 28 replies

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I have been with Tmobile for a while now. I have a old iPhone 7. Been trying to upgraded but all these deals they have you have to add a line. The business model for Tmobile is let me get you a deal at the start but not give you anything later when your with us for a while. I have four lines and don't want to add another line. I just want to get another deal on the iPhone without adding a line. Is anyone on the same boat as me. Speak up or this won't change. I think I might switch carrier. 

28 replies

I agree. Went into a store. I need 2 new phones, and no deals. I do not need extra lines. This is telling me they want their existing customers to leave T-Mobile and go to another carrier. That is how the Cell business is. Go to another carrier for a couple of years, get a good deal on a phone; then move on to another. If they wanted to keep their customers they would have good deals for existing customers to get new phones as well, without having to pay a monthly fee for their "upgrade insurance" or some crap like that. I keep my phones for an average of 4 years not get a new one every year or two.

T-Mobile I have been with you for about 16 years in all (left for 2 years when it looked like you were getting bought out by AT&T) I guess it most likely will not be much longer.

Absolutely and it’s sad. I have 9 lines total (very big family), been a T-Mobile customer for many years. I would like phone upgrades without adding any more lines. Really don’t need anymore. And I appreciate the thought with the Tuesday taco thing, etc., truthfully I’m not big on tacos or any other fast food and the gas discount really doesn’t work for me either. I’d rather just have a phone upgrade without all of the small print of adding lines, etc.

I’m sure T-Mobile has calculated losing business over this issue into their business model. In some instances, especially for customers with older plans that are no longer available, I would bet they’re hoping those folks leave. They know they have a good shot of getting the business back within 24 months. They’re PR wants you to be about loyalty, but for them it’s only about their profit margin. That’s the way of almost all companies today. The customers should be loyal to the brand, but the brand is only loyal to the $.

I agree  loyalty is not respected at tmobile. All the other companies offers their existing customers deals on products some even  qaulity you for free products but you can be with tmobile 20 years and get nothing. I could care less about tmobile Tuesday give us some love back by offering deals to your loyal customers who have been with before you had your 5 favorite numbers we have shown you loyalty show us some back before Att steals us away.