Create T-Mobile ID for Prepaid Internet SIM

  • 23 February 2021
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I purchased an Internet Only Prepaid SIM a month ago to use on a wireless camera. From day one tried creating a Tmobile ID login on the website.

I enter the name, number email and create a password. The next step sends me an email verification code, after entering that, it sends me a text message to the number associated with the SIM card. Once again, this is an INTERNET ONLY plan for use in hotspots and tablets. So how does this process make sense for anyone?

After calling customer service multiple times throughout the last few weeks and having them escalate it to the engineering team which would “resolve it”. They then came back with the only resolution being to insert the SIM card in a phone to receive the text message. This seems completely absurd and unpractical for someone who purchases an internet only sim card. Not only that but at no point do they tell you to do that when you buy it or open the sim card. I now have the sim card installed in a camera which is 100+ miles away from me and now way to insert it into a phone.

All im trying to do is check my data usage and refill my account more easily.

Also apparently it seems this issue has been present for at least 3 years according to this unsolved thread: 

Hopefully someone can help me out in getting this resolved.


P.S im using my tmobile id for a postpaid account (which also cant be linked to the prepaid)

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