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  • 14 September 2021
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New customer with 2 phone lines, plus home internet. I don't know if anyone might have a direct email/contact # to contact to someone who's primary language is English? My problems have been just getting the 2 new phones(which I now have,) & currently still waiting on home internet equipment. I ordered everything on August 30. I get nothing but inaccurate info, plus non-working order, & ups tracking #'s. Decided not worth the headache, & want to cancel everything. If I have this much trouble just getting all the equipment, I can just imagine the difficulty when there is a billing/technical issue. When I try to call today, the agent (like all the others) want me to allow them an opportunity to get it right. They don't. Seems to be a language barrier. Thanks


1 reply

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contact them either through Facebook or start off with tier 2 support instead of tier 1