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  • 22 July 2021
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I would recommend not shipping USPS for any products,  they are too slow.  Not a great experience for customers. 

Remove the $30 service charge for customers calling in for phones/upgrades.  They spend time with the customer then tell them to go on line to not get charged the $30.  This is stupid, they are ready spent time with the customer. 

You want to be the uncarrier? Then remove the fees period and dont ship USPS! 


7 replies

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The last few things I bought were shipped UPS. I don't ever recall getting anything sent to me USPS from Tmobile.


Your lucky

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I just bought a GPS tracker from Tmobile a month ago and it was shipped usps as for the in store assist fee it seems like an industry standard I don't like it so I buy my phones on line.

I haven't been in a Tmobile store in over 4 years.


Yes the fee is standard, but T-Mobile want to do things differently to be the uncarrier.  So removing the fee would make them better, time was already spent, so why charge? 

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Personally I think the uncarrier aspect is over. It was a nice run too bad it's over.

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Uncarrier definitely left with John!  I also don’t like the fees though.  Ordering online when I can go into a store and getting it should not come with a charge in my opinion.  Maybe this is something T-Mobile could offer its loyal and well qualified customers.  A break on these ridiculous fees without having to complain to get them waived.  Considering how many devices we buy in a given year, T-Mobile should be happy we are buying from them.

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If it’s free shipping, and depending on size then it will be USPS just like all the other carriers(I work for a firm and we have various carriers for various states due to reception in the area).  It’s economy shipping and can take 2-3 weeks.  Also you can’t really blame carriers for USPS current problems.  It’s the Postmaster General who literally pegged USPS.