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I want to speak to an American customer service rep or a chat.


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We wanna do everything we can to help you. If you're looking for some specific account support, you can reach out to our Care folks via the options on our Community-2153 ​ page. On that page, you can use the Message us on My T-Mobile magenta bubble on the lower right corner. We also have support through the Facebook and Twitter links on that same page. Either way, can you definitely get some help through those channels.

lost my phone. I have a spare lg phone can this be activate at this time

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Hello, if you need to have a phone activated, you'll want to click the Contact link in the above post to reach out to care.  This is a community forum and no one here may access your account. Good luck!

NO...I want to speak to a person!!!

I am out of the US and can’t return due to Covid restrictions.  I put my account on vacation/suspension when I left in March so I would have the same number upon my return.  I just looked at my account on  line and I  have monthly charges.  I guess I must have to pay a monthly fee of some kind but didn’t know that.  My account is suspended and I don’t remember my user number the automated phone is asking for.  They hang up as they can only accept payments.  I want to talk to a real person and find out the status of my account.

I received the requested SimCards but how do I identify which one is for the specific number

Please help me identify which SimCard is which from the upgrade Simcards, 3 that I requested