Customer Service abysmal, 30 day wait for PROCESSING new phone order?

  • 26 July 2021
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I placed an order online for a phone upgrade on the 18th of this month and was initially given an estimated time to ship between 7.28.21 - 8.3.21.  Checking today I see an updated time to PROCESS listed as 8.10.21 - 8.24.21.  Why in the world would it take an entire month to process, and in what world is that an acceptable business practice, especially when I paid up front for a large portion of the order?

It’s one thing if there are stock issues or delays, and if they are made known up-front and ASAP.  I have ZERO communication from T-Mobile except for a “thanks for the down payment” confirmation (which, strangely, still hasn’t cleared my bank account yet, either, similar to how the autopay feature doesn’t pull charges the day I get notified my payment is processed, but then it posts 3 or so days after).

Embarrassing showing for a global multi-national telecommunications corporation, and this ordeal is adding to my reasons to leave this provider list.

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