Customer Service is a joke.


Cancelled my account with T-Mobile on 5/17/2022 due to lack of signal strength where I moved to. Had to re-cancel on 5/19/2022 as no action had been taken. Had asked for a final bill which I was assured would be coming as the 19th was my bill ending date. No bill, but on June 22 I received a bill that stated I was over due and owed for the previous billing period and the next one as well as my service was still IN SERVICE!!!! I have spent 6 calls now to where ever their “customer lack of service center” is and logged all the promises but nothing has happened so far except to get the run around, gather more promises, and receive more bills no matter how many times I tell them that I cancelled service in May. They even acknowledge they can see that I cancelled my service but nothing gets done. Next stop is BBB and my lawyer.

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