Customer service melt-down?

  • 23 December 2020
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At 3:45 pm today I was trying to use my phone about a block from the local hospital but a speed test showed 0.04 Mbps down and it failed on the upload test. I called 611 to file a service ticket and got a “Press #1 if you’d like a call back in approximately 1:15 hours.” Which I did.

Pretty much on schedule I got the callback but the call dropped after waiting about 20 seconds for the rep. I called back and now there’s a 2-hour wait for a call-back.

Seems to me like the Customer Service system is pretty much in melt-down. 

4 replies


Hi I have tried to reach a customer representative on two occasions now and message says 2 hour wait time.  The first time I requested a call back, no one called back.  Now I am on hold again said 2 hours after I finish this reply I will disconnect my call as what a major disappointment to hear 2 hour wait time.  Since the merger having major second thoughts about staying a customer.


Horrific customer service!!!!


Anyone have a contact Email address for T-Mobile to try to send a message to get help.  They changed auto pay date without telling me.  They changed my monthly bill plan I was set up with. Now each time I try to call says 2 hour wait time.  Help been a customer approx., 10 years.


Since the merger they change automated payment dates, monthly payment plans without notifying customers and two hour wait time on phone for customer service.