Data Breach Mcafee registration

  • 10 September 2021
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I signed up for the Mcafee service  on TM webpage and to date have received nothing. This was maybe 5 days after TM announced the breach publicly. I called TM customer service and they put me through a Mcafee customer service rep who asked me if I had received a text, followed up by an email link. No I had not received anything, yes I checked my spam mail and it’s been almost three weeks. She asked a for my email address and phone number and I got the impression system there was a problems at their end and redirected me to reinput my info again at TM website, it was at this point I got cut off (lousy phone connection her end, she kept breaking up) but I tried to reenter my data but got error message “this email has been previously submitted”). Waited two days tried again to reenter data same error message. Looked up Mcafee phone number called them direct, explained problem to the overseas customer service, long pause while they researched was then told the hang-up was at their end, they would call me back later in the day and provide an email with trouble call number, again I got nothing.  Does anyone know how I can kick this up to a higher level, I mean is there some magic phrase or wording that will get action?  

4 replies

I set a fraud alert with one of the credit reporting agencies. Good for 6 months to a year. Since I don’t need to borrow money for a car or a house or planning to get a new credit card, did the nuclear option. The McAfee looked like a bandaid to me.

Exactly happened to me. Word by word as described by mark1954. Still no confirmation email. No resolution. I agree with RHG3 -- best is to lock all the credit. This McAfee monitoring looks very shady to me.

Same here. I applied a month ago as soon as the text came out.   I think it’s a unicorn.  I wish someone cared.  Then today, I get a shady email from McAfee saying that my email was found on the dark web.  Are you kidding me?  If I don’t get results soon, I’m going to have to consider other options.

And why should customers have to call McAfee at all?  This was a T Mobile security breach.