Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package

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I was told today that the issue was the FCC. That is just dishonest because I did it on ATT


TMobile needs data shut-off as an option on parental controls. Let parents turn off data access during 2am-5am if they want! But let the child keep the phone so they can receive calls/texts. C’mon with us! Please! Parenting this tech generation is challenging enough, just provide tools those who want to can take advantage of. If another parent has a different method, fine, use it. But I need data shut-off (by time frames) as an option. Sprint has it and up until now, I thought I was 100% satisfied with my choice to move to TM. Just realized I‘m no longer 100%...

Get it done.

This has already been said but I think it needs repeating. Kids do not use the phone. They use data. This is pointless without data restriction.

I agree


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Hey there.

I'm just chiming in to let you all know I definitely still hear you, and while I am not apart of the team that makes these sort of decisions, I have been passing along the feedback in hopes of seeing positive changes!


We restricted data on the line when we had Verizon. Now get to tmobile and see that is impossible. And limiting minutes and messages is a joke. With unlimited data, you can easily get an app for those things as well. So completely useless. But I did want to mention that we use Disney Circle for our home wifi which is AMAZING at controlling usage in the home for multiple people and multiple devices. Its been a lifesaver. They have also implemented Disney circle "go" which works the same on the cell phone and will do everything you guys want it to do. The only thing stopping us is a blended family where the mother is the kids best friend and lets her do as she pleases. We are always the bad guys. So just on the fence about being the hated ones (aka the real parents) as usual.

I just want to add that this conversation shocks me. I paid extra for parental controls because I thought it would limit data. I disabled the phone and controlled the allowances, thinking it would affect my child's access to data. I was happy until I realized that nothing had changed. My child sat on her phone all evening playing on the internet. Parental controls are really nothing. I'm not the least bet interested in controlling talking or texting. I wasted my money.

Damn Right

Please add this feature.  Your customers want it and your competitors have it!


After I realized that family allowance doesn't cover data I was kind of puzzled about the actual scenario. It's 2017, and my kids laugh at voice/text being blocked at night, since they primarily use social apps and therefore data to be online when they should not.

Looking forward to see this feature being implemented. This would be HUGE!



Just wanted to add my +1 on this feature request. With 2 teenagers on my account that can simply turn off Wi-Fi to circumvent Parental Controls on my router at night, the ability to restrict data from the carrier’s end is crucial. To be frank, I’m shocked that this is not available at T-Mobile while other carriers have had it for quite some time. Family Allowances is practically useless for any smartphones until this is added.




Could not agree more about data restriction need. Family allowance is nearly useless without data restriction


Add me to the noise.  This is a must-have feature and the lack of it is making me look at other carriers (regretfully).  The feature is THAT big!  AT&T's Smart Limits app looks enticing.

I will have to leave if this does not occur soon.

@tmo_lauren As consumers we expect a service, so don't push TMO's technical limitations on us please. 😊

BTW, any update with regards to this feature ?

You should be able to toggle kids data off an on. I was able to do this

with ATT.

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So I read through this forum and can clearly see a lot of parents want this type of control. My response is to have trust that your raising your young ones correctly. As they will always find a way to circumvent your control if they are old enough. I know I did when I was young and I'm sure you all did the same. Anyway instead of swapping carriers I was thinking you could just give them a flip phone or put them on a prepaid plan with a data cap. Heck make them work for the privilege if you so choose. Just my two cents and a suggestion that i figured was worth considering. Please don't be to mad if you disagree. I merely was just trying to add a diffrent perspective on the problem and maybe provide a alternative solution.

I am also very interested to get a status from T-Mobile on adding this capability.  If they claim that it is technically difficult/impossible, I would like to know the details, since all other carriers offer this for free.  I have a feeling that it is more due to the fact that this is a low priority for them.  Either way, we need this capability ASAP.  I have been a happy and loyal T-Mobile customer for many years, but if this doesn't happen soon, I am going to jump ship.

We need to be able to toggle data on and off at will.

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I am adding to the thread, being able to set data limits is a must need for parents.   I was surprise with I selected the "Disable" phone option in Family Allowances and my kids were still able to access the internet.  I switched from AT&T and joined T Mobile because of poor customer service from but AT&T had the option to disable data and set custom time limits.  Come on T Mobile, make it happen.  Add the feature, the other carriers have it.