Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package

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Just wanted to check in and let y'all know I was still recording the requests and complaints. No news on any changes or updates to the features at this time, but we'll continue to pass the info along.


I got a message saying I can get new phones is this true


Thank you for the update.  I will be switching carriers this weekend.  If T Mobile adds this feature in the future I may come back. 

I am in the same position.  T-Mobile has not given me an option, even though this has been on their radar for years.  I have five lines, and they will probably be switched to Verizon in a couple of days.

When I look at Data Usage for the line I'd like to restrict, the "Service" column shows the problem service I'd like to limit or disable - "Internet Access".

It seems that if the system tracking this usage can identify discrete/distinct services from one another, there ought to be a fairly simple solution that would allow primary users to enable or disable each of those services.  An ability to set limits like Gb or by local time of day would also be nice, but initially I'd be happy if we could just shut off "Internet Access" altogether.

Just a thought (in an attempt to clarify what we, and many other customers I imagine, would like to see)

Exactly!  They are technically able to differentiate and track it at that level, therefore they should also be able to control it at that level.  But, what do I know, I'm just an old I.T. guy.

We desperately need this feature, it has become a huge problem in our family affecting school and sleep. I can set a schedule on my Wi-Fi router to disconnect their devices but They sneak into their phones. We've been with tmobile for nearly 2 decades but we're going to have to leave if this feature doesn't become available when other carriers have it.

It is unfortunate that T-mobile technical support essentially ignore numerous customer requests to implement data restriction feature.  Dragon1562 offered to give kids flip phones instead. Unfortunately, that will require physical interactions (phone removal) and a big scandal associated with it. I tried that and do not wish to go thru this again every time the kid is grounded. Software data blocking that all users of Family allowance feature so desperately asking for, is less intrusive in nature. When grounded, my kid just use skype, whatsup and other apps to spend the night chatting. Very frustrating. 

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Hey @leo001​, I certainly don't want to leave the impression we here on the Support forums are ignoring customer requests. I've been passing requests along over the past year in hopes for a change. So unfortunately while we're not in a position to make changes ourselves, we do certainly take the time to share these threads and pass along feedback and pain points. There's no word on any plans to make the requested changes, but I'll continue to pass the feedback along.


I contacted Verizon online and ported my numbers on Saturday.  The sim cards have been sent via fedex and are scheduled to arrive Wednesday night.  The monthly bill will increase about 30 dollars.  I will provide an update about the Verizon FamilyBase parental controls if I am still able to post to this board.

Looking forward to hear back from your experience as I'm contemplating a similar move.

@tmo_lauren​ this is not a matter of customer support at this point. it's a business decision from TMO to support or let down their users.

This is so pointless... I've got my teenager blocked for the night but yet she's using snapchat and can't even tell her texts are blocked so it doesn't matter. My phone bill is as much as a car payment and I'm about to pay even more to cancel my contract because this is the worst service ever. I'm so irritated. Usually companies will go over and beyond to make their customers happy. At least with AT&T and Verizon, the features are well worth it.

Please please let us know. I am definitely doing the same thing immediately after being scammed out of hundreds of dollars of accessories a sales associate told me were free and clear. Now they are installments on my bill and NO ONE WILL HELP. Too late, too bad. They will keep losing customers and I am a loyal one... I just believe in making it right for the customer. Oh and if you have an iPhone you're screwed with the GPS features to find your kid, there's no app which means, they should NOT PUSH it for iPhone users. Ok I'm done venting. Looking forward to hearing back.

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I am using Circle and Circle Go, and I too love them.

However, be aware that even Circle can cannot stop Hotspot/Tethering, and since T-Mobile is unable/unwilling to do it, I am also looking at moving. T-Mobile customer for 9 years, and it's stunning to me they won't implement this. 😥

Currently have questions in to Sprint, as they seem to have robust data limiting and are cheaper in the end:…

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Adding another voice requesting this feature.  Was told by sales associate that it was available when I switched.

Here is the update, I switched to Verizon.  Since I owned all the phones there was no early termination fee.  My new monthly bill for four lines (with a military discount) is $177.00 per month including taxes, fees and Family Based controls.  The activation fee was 30 per phone - ouch.  But Verizon currently has a $150.00 promotion for switchers that will end 4 Apr 2018.

The Family Base Verizon FamilyBase How to Use Guide | Verizon Wireless   is why I switched. I can set the amount of data each phone is allowed to use every month. I will be notified when the limit is reached and I have the option to either block or allow continued data.   I can also create custom time restrictions.  The cost was 4.99 per month to add Family Base to my plan (covers all phones on the plan).  The Verizon Family Base plan is excellent and worth the additional monthly cost.

T-Mobile, I did like your price and wireless coverage.  I did NOT like the unlimited access of data that was available to my children.  Unlimited data access to a teen is like unlimited access/usage to the wallet, front door, and car keys.  This is not about good or bad kids or parents not trusting their children.  I am going out on a limb and will say that every parent knows that a child will test the limits and to see what they can get away with. 

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I think you could have saved yourself a lot of headaches by just taking the phones if they disobeyed the rules, I have taken my kids phones away them when they broke the rules, but I guess to each their own.  

Not if you want to start a fight. After 13 years old, removal may turn with bad arguments with a teenager.

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Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package

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I think you could have saved yourself a lot of headaches by just taking the phones if they disobeyed the rules, I have taken my kids phones away them when they broke the rules, but I guess to each their own.  

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That's just it,  I pay the bills, put a roof over their head, clean clothes, and provide substance(food). The phone belongs to me not them, so there is no argument. It's simple; you want a phone, follow the rules, if not, break them then there consequences for that action, they need to understand, it's their actions or inactions that will cause them to lose their privileges.  My youngest will be 13 in July, she loses her phone from time to time. I can't tell anyone how to parent that's up to them. All I will say in my house, I make the rules. It's simple. We laxed up with the older ones at around 17 as they were transitioning to adulthood.  

I agree completely with the original post.  PLEASE add the functionality so parents/account holders can restrict our children's data usage (streaming, etc.) by maximum volume allowed and especially set a schedule so they cannot stay up all hours of the night streaming shows, creating a mobile hot spot (circumventing my home wi-fi restrictions set), on social media.  I'm really surprised this an option isn't already.

Thank you.

Exactly.  Physically taking the devices away from older teenagers is a very unpleasant, possibly dangerous, physical confrontation.  It is hard to believe that T-Mobile doesn't have a tool for parents/bill-payers to restrict the data usage on the family/multiple-persons plans, especially when the other carriers offer it for free.  If I didn't still owe so much money on my family's phone equipment (devices), I would switch carriers right now. As things stand now, the most authority I can leverage with my older kids is to take them OFF my service plan, and still have to pay-off their equipment, whether they have service or not.

This is the problem I'm having, too: I've successfully set bedtimes for my wi-fi router, and, after I go to bed, my kids simply turn on T-Mobile hot spots on their phones and stream their shows and online video gaming consoles through my T-Mobile data plan.  I need them to sleep!  And I need my sleep, I cannot be up monitoring this through the wee hours.  PLEASE T-Mobile, get this done!  Meanwhile, I'm cancelling our so-call Family Allowances add-on.  It is WORTHLESS without data usage restricting ability.

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You've got to me kidding me!!!! I've raised 6 teens they are now 23,21,20,18,15, and 12. They don't rule my home, we have rules they must abide by it's simple as that, the four older ones are legally adults an are off in collage so they are free to make their own choices. the notion you need third party controls is absurd to me. we live in a society governed by rules, one of our fundamental responsibilities is to teach our children when they break the rules and/or make poor choices those decisions have negative consequences. I'm not inferring my own children haven't made poor choices they have and they had to suffer the consequence of those decisions.  once again I'm not telling you how to parent. Explain how is a child supposed to learn self control, and self discipline if they don't learn they need to respect you/and or your rules, and ultimately the rules of our society. "possibly unpleasant and potently dangerous" so the answer is to let someone like me deal with them when they are unleashed upon the world, really. SMH and we wonder why this country has problems.       

Hi there,

I would also like to see this feature. Family Allowances is entirely useless if we can't block data. What kid calls anyone on their phone in 2018? What kid even texts? Snapchat, insta, - they're all data-driven, and they're all the kids use.

Plz help.

Just an update.  My wife was at T-Mobile this afternoon and the salesperson was trying to convince her that Family Allowances would manage data, not just cellular.  She called me about signing up and I said, "No, he's wrong.  When you get home I will show you why."  So, I'm not sure if he's just not aware, or lying.  In the spirit of giving him the benefit of the doubt, I will assume the former.  But, if that's the case, T-Mobile needs to better educate their personnel.  If it's the latter, then shame on T-Mobile for purposely misleading potential and existing customers.  I have read more than one account in which a person switched to T-Mobile from another carrier after being told that T-Mobile had this capability, only to discover that they don't (though their previous carrier did).  Still exploring my options.

And those that talk about parenting and such need to realize that not every family relationship is like theirs.  Actually, probably none are.  So, blanket statements are useless.  At least we got some free umbrellas today.  :/