Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package

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I totally agree that Tmobile needs to step up and take care of this issue. I for one was duped about the family allowance.

Restricting calls and text do nothing with teenagers. Last month my teen talked on the phone a total of 18 minutes, texting was the next highest followed by the sky high data use.

These kids just make a mobile hot spot and its game consoles and anything else they want why parents are asleep. then the next day they can not function because they stayed up all night, thinking they got one over on you while their is nothing you can do because Tmobile does not know how or care how to add data restriction

I guess i will be checking on Verizon very soon.


desperately seeking data restriction

Ditto to so many other comments from parents.  Data restriction is a must and without it I have no choice but to look for another carrier.  Reluctantly.  T-Mobile otherwise has been good for the 6 months I've had them.

T-Mobile:  Could you reply back on here and explain what you are doing about this?  The Family Allowance screen that popped up on your homepage this week does not bother to mention, "Oh, by the way, the plan does not allow you to restrict your kid's access to data.  So sorry."

Pleeeeez, fix this.  Ahora. Now. Jetzt. Nyt, Agora.

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My comments are in know way telling others how to parent, that decision is up to you. I was sharing my experiences as a parent; my children have broken rules and they've paid for in various ways, they've had their phones, TV's, gaming consoles etc taken from them at various points. My point with exercising parental controls in my view is fine for certain things like web filtering, innocent search results can yield undesirable search results. He in the US a small percentage of our population have no moral values or know self-discipline/control, I just don't see the how we not go about teaching to those values to our children, if we as parents expect our children to make good sound choices. how is that  when they can't obey a simple rule, no phone use after a certain time, or no TV till homework or chores are done it amazes me how some just rather not deal with the issue head on and get upset when someone points that out, then lays the blame on a third party, T-Mobile nor any other company for that matter is responsible to parent our children, we are.      

Not sure how customers wanting a feature to help manage phone usage has been identified as an indicator that parents are not teaching morale values or self discipline/control to their children.  But to each their own.   

This is about T Mobile customers wanting a feature that is provided by other carriers, and if T Mobile wants to be competitive with the other carriers they need to add this feature.  Customers are paying for a service, if they no longer like the service they leave. 

Maybe we can get some traction on Twitter?

Exactly!  The whole point of this thread was to identify a technical need, not to hear unsolicited parenting "advice".

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My question was simply, if children are being defiant by using their phones at times when you don't allow it, why do you need "technology" ? Funny how you can stand up on here. when you feel someone is attacking you parental skills and or offering unsolicited parental advice.  

thanks for pointing @JohnLegere to this discussion

Again, please do not confuse the original intent of this thread with some misguided attempt at parenting.

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yet still my question hasn't been answered.....

Has this been added yet?  Been over a year of promises and lies with little to no response from anyone that actually matters.  We don't need customer service.  We need someone who has authority to add an option that already exists.  Just give me a pink clickable button.

No activity that I have seen.  😥

Inane questions usually go unanswered.

I contacted T-mobile about this. They told me "oh you can disable your kids phone every night then enable it in the morning, it works the same way." I was speechless after that comment.

T-mobile, please add data restriction as an option to Family Allowances

Didn't help much. Looks like these guys only care about sharing positive news while blatantly ignoring genuine customer feedback.


T mobile, please add data restriction. If I cannot get this from T mobile I might have to move the entire service elsewhere.

I am hoping the T-Mobile - Sprint merger (assuming it gets approved) will provide us with what we're asking for.  One problem might be that with mergers of this size, it often takes years for the technology to integrate.  Still, crossing my fingers.

I fully agree that as parents, we should be able to limit or block data usage. My son uses Instagram non-stop. I should be able to block his data usage with a simple click. I shouldn't have to take away his phone. I want him to have his phone available during school hours so that he may contact me, or the police if he needs to.

Add us to the list of T-mobile customers looking for data restrictions in family allowances as another useful tool for parenting.  The first point is that family allowances without data restrictions is like putting a lock on the VCR - so hopelessly out of date and pointless as to be funny, if it was not for the $5 for the privilege.  I think you have a diehard customer in nelfar, but this has been enlightening to know that we can get this useful feature from the other carriers.  We're fingering the cord on our parachute here.

In case the earlier discussion on parenting styles might leave the impression with T-mobile management that you dont need to add data management, just good parenting, consider that legit uses for the phone are now embedded in our lives - our kids get updates from coaches on practice changes, access to homework, work shift coordination with their job supervisor, calling AAA or the police from the middle of the bridge on the interstate, coordination of family schedules, etc.  So, physically taking the phone has all sorts of unintended consequences, including on our time. Add to that, the total social isolation brought by taking the phone (arguably a first world problem, but fact of life for most teenagers), and it becomes The Nuclear Option.  Maybe we are just looking for a smaller tactical nuke, or an easily managed shot across the bow for those less than capital offenses.  We are starting to see the attractiveness of being Amish, though... or a Verizon customer...

Very well articulated, thank you.

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I'm a late 70's baby we didn't have cell phones as kids, an yet somehow we managed just fine without them. As I stated, I'm not commenting to tell anyone how to parent that's solely up to them. However, I do work in a field dealing with adults who didn't learn how to make good choices and or learned actions have "real" consequences in life. We as parents owe it to our children to teach this simple life lesson. There should never be a need to rely on third party control's to deal with misbehaving children as for me and how I parent it's simple, a cell phone is a luxury as a teenager, therefore it can be taken by me until I feel they are responsible enough to get it back. So If I told one of my kids no phone after let's say after 10pm, or no phone until chores are done, there's no debate, the phone becomes mine again, because it's a sign of disobedience,disrespect,and lack of respect that I will not tolerate. It's simple for me, if they want their phone, all they have to do is "FOLLOW" the rules. Hell TMO has rules violate the TOS over and over see what happens.            


You state that you don’t want to tell others how to parent and then do exactly that, again. PLEASE do us all a favor here and let it go. Your point has been made (multiple times).

Simply put, the ask is for T-Mobile to allow us, the requesting device owners, to have control over our device‘s access to the data service we are paying them for. This is a feature available from other carriers. We are expressing the high value that we place on this feature, and the disappointment in T-Mobile’s lack in this regard.

Customer Service, please register this as another adamant “+1” for this feature. 

Thank you!

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Family Link, Norton, and other such apps are easily overcome.  Kids just boot the phone (Android anyway) into safe mode and they can still run apps like snapchat and web browsers.  A T-Mobile data restriction would be the ultimate barrier since it would prevent the use of any apps requiring a data connection.  As it is now, T-Mobile Family Allowances/Parental Controls are worthless.

C'mon T-Mobile - get it together!