Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package

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Data restriction needs to be added to "Family Allowances" package! Although data slows to 2G when used up, that is not enough in today's society where kids use 90% data & 10% talk/text. We would love to be able to "cyber-ground" our teenager by limiting data during certain times of the day or taking away/shutting off her data when necessary. But we still want her to to be able to call & text on her phone to reach us if necessary. I talked to a person in T-Mobile's tech division today who also had a teenager and is facing the same problem where her teenager used 30GB in a month!! She said she was surprised T-Mobile hasn't done this yet. But there is no way to shut off or limit data on a phone line - other than physically taking away the phone. Granted it doesn't cost parents anything if teens use up data or go over, but what kind of lesson is that teaching kids? We need better parental controls accessible to us as parents. Data is the problem with kids now a days & we need assistance being able to control it as parents.  AT&T, Sprint & Verizon all include parental controls (including Data control) for FREE! Granted to me it was worth $5 for the Family Allowance but it's only for call, text,& purchases. So it does us no good since our teenager barley talks or texts on her phone. It's all data usage with her. All we can do it put the 'id, teenager, young adult restrictions on our lines for "Surfing".


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T-mobile has shown best of its post when it comes to features, engineering. Every problem has given solution here.

I have been trying the “disable data” as a solution and that didn’t end well, now after trying “family allowance” it does not block the data usage.  This is really a headache for many families, why can’t tmobile engineering do this for communities’ good. 

Frankly, the solution to this issue of not being able to control data and usage by time of day is to switch carriers. If enough customers leave T Mobil as they are not supporting us they will wake up and get on it. 

I had this option on Verizon and it worked great. I switched to T Mobile when I didn’t need it and now that I have a 14 year old I need it again. Verizon here I come!

We desperately need this feature, I agree with this post. it has become a huge problem in our family affecting school and sleep. I can set a schedule on my Wi-Fi router to disconnect their devices but They sneak into their phones. We've been with T-Mobile for nearly 2 decades but we're going to have to leave if this feature doesn't become available when other carriers have it.


We desperately need this feature, I agree with this post. it has become a huge problem in our family affecting school and sleep. I can set a schedule on my Wi-Fi router to disconnect their devices but They sneak into their phones. We've been with T-Mobile for nearly 2 decades but we're going to have to leave if this feature doesn't become available when other carriers have it.

I agree completely with this post.  What's the point of T-Mobile gimmick giving Family Allowances for FREE if data restrictions don't come with it?  Family Allowances is quite an old plan (introduced 9 years ago).  In the modern world of unlimited data, without data restrictions a parental controls service is worth nothing.  Not many people would want to pay $4.99/mo for such, that's probably why the plan was given away.  Unfortunately, without data restrictions the plan feels cheap and toothless - T-Mobile needs to fix it, soon.

We switched from Verizon and this was a great feature.  I asked this question before I switched T-mobile and was told it was possible.  We will not be staying with T-mobile very long if this feature is not added to Family Allowances.  I will be canceling Family Allowances for now since there is no way to block data!

Agreed. I want to toggle it off and on like I did with ATT. I paid 10 per month to do this and I was happy to pay. I would also like to set the hours instead of having just a few choices. Why will you not let me turn off data when my kids are at school or church.

It is frustrating that this issue is still not resolved. I'm seriously considering to switch to another carrier due to this. Please fix this problem ASAP!

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@magenta3796247​, thanks for keeping this active.  I have to work on that open letter.  I did manage to get the email of the CEO John Legere. I'll try to work on that this weekend.

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Keeping this thread active.  For all the positives of TMobile, this is a huge negative for family accounts.  Verizon and ATT both offer this ability without the need to install an app on any device.  Now TMobile wants to charge for using an app to perform this very basic feature.

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All of your competitors offer this. Really unacceptable.

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@djsteve​, @xpacheco​, and @magenta3796247​! Apologies, I didn't intend to frustrate anyone by popping back on this thread -- I totally missed the recent replies and simply replied to the original post on page one, that's my fail and I'm sorry.

I totally hear you in wanting a server-side solution. As Lauren mentioned in the pinned reply, we did forward this thread (along with others like it) on, so your requests and feedback are being received, and you're not alone in the ask! We'll continue to forward the concern. Thank you for posting!

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@tmo_amanda​, please see reply 109. 


PLEASE read the prior five messages to yours just posted (#103 onward). We are aware of the new offering and have spelled out why we are VERY DISAPPOINTED in the approach. Specifically, T-Mobile has still not provided a server-side solution to data management, and is instead relying on rebranded Disney Circle and Circle Go hardware/software. This is nearly entirely ineffective in limiting T-mobile data usage (what we’ve been asking for) as it relies on installation of an easily defeatable client-side (aka phone based) VPN profile. It cannot be secured or locked down, no matter the end user.

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Hey, all! We're going through older posts with this feedback and making sure that everyone gets a chance to take a peek at our new family program, FamilyMode, launching 6/29. You can read our blog about it here and learn more in the Resources list at the bottom: Meet the digital ally parents need -- thank you for sharing your opinions with us!

xavier, I am definitely interested in participating in the open letter.  I agree, in all other aspects T-Mobile has been great.  However, this particular feature (or lack thereof) may be the thing that pushes us elsewhere.  Thanks.


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I was discussing this with a T-Mobile agent about a week ago and was told that a solution was forthcoming.  Sadly, this is the solution (or non-solution rather). 

This is not a difficult problem to solve. Certainly, T-Mobile has a development team to put to this task.  I've been writing systems level software for over 25 years; solutions like this are not difficult to develop.

Look, T-Mobile has been a good provider for us, they have always come through.  I can't say enough about how they recognize veterans in saving them money.  This is one area, however, that they are failing.

I am going to write an open letter to T-Mobile management, if anyone wants to chime in, let me know.

@tmo_amanda​, can you let me know the best  PERSON or persons to send this to?  Thank you.

--- xavier

djsteve, you are exactly correct.  Circle Go is easily defeated on both iOS and Android.  Circle itself is great, but now my kids just fire up T-Mobile hotspots.  As I have said before, and as you reiterated, this has to be a server-side solution.  I'm afraid T-Mobile just doesn't care at this point.  Verizon is apparently the best solution today, and probably in the foreseeable future.  I don't think the Sprint merger will provide any help in this area.

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T-Mobile - you are NOT LISTENING!  "T-Mobile FamilyMode" aka "My Circle, My Circle Go" is a NON-SOLUTION!  It is easily overcome on both the Android and iOS devices. What the hell!  We've been talking in these forums about a needed server-based solution for over a year and this is the crap answer you give us?

Do you actually have any technologists that understand the nature of the problem?


FACEPALM, Or Why The Just Announced T-Mobile FamilyMode Solution Is A Bust

I was excited to see what at first glance seemed to be a new T-Mobile solution to this thread’s problem statement. “FamilyMode Monitoring” is feature rich and includes, among other things, the ability to schedule device data availability as well as cut it off and on instantly.

“Perfect!”, I thought, until I looked closer. It appears (and I hope to be proven wrong) that this is little more than a rebranding of the Disney Circle Go hardware and software solution. The Circle device is fantastic (I own one) and does a great job of limiting usage ON YOUR HOME NETWORK. The add on Circle Go solution, which attempts to expand this to mobile devices while away from home, however, has a fatal flaw, at least on the Apple iPhone platform. It relies on the installation of a VPN profile on the device to be controlled. It is trivial to remove this profile, and there are no existing parental controls in iOS which can prevent the user from doing so. Most kids will figure it out the same day you install it, and those that don’t will be shown by their peers the next day at school. I imagine that defeating a VPN profile on Android is equally trivial.

Sigh. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. I want to be wrong, because clearly this is T-Mobile’s answer to the feature request. We need a SERVER-SIDE solution!


My Family plan had restrictions built in and now I want it back!!!

The schedule block is good, but also should have 'screentime' limits, just like Microsoft has.


15-year customer.

Agreed, this has to be a "server-side" solution.

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Family Link, Norton, and other such apps are easily overcome.  Kids just boot the phone (Android anyway) into safe mode and they can still run apps like snapchat and web browsers.  A T-Mobile data restriction would be the ultimate barrier since it would prevent the use of any apps requiring a data connection.  As it is now, T-Mobile Family Allowances/Parental Controls are worthless.

C'mon T-Mobile - get it together!

Thank you!