data speed has frustratingly slowed down. so frustrating

  • 12 April 2021
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I bought the oneplus nord n10 5g in my local store about 2 weeks ago and started the 60$ unlimited plus pre paid plan and for the first week my data was super fast. It was awesome. For last 5 days its been so slow. Im so irritated. My coverage area is a 5g zone. My phone is 5g. My datas working like slow 3g. And at random times cuts out. And phone will say no internet connection or something like that. Anyone know whats going on?

5 replies

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How much data have you used. Once you go over 50GB you deprioritized when you get to a place that is congested.  

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some areas 5G isnt quite up to speed once a bunch of Sprint customers were added onto the network..theyre currently doing tower upgrades daily but for the time being you can try to manually switch your phone to 4GLTE instead of 5G to see if things improve..if they do keep it there and randomly test every month or so until they get 5G back up to speed. if it doesnt improve then it could be what was mentioned above or possibly network issues.


Ive used just over 4gb. I have the 60$ prepaid unlimited plus. Ive switched to 5g & 5g/LTE automatic reset network settings. Im so frustrated. I bought this phone cash in my local store and activated it, bought phone case and phone plan on march 30th i believe. 2 weeks ago. First week was awesome. This last weeks been crap

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switch it away from 5G to see if it improves..automatic will push you to 5G..if it worked fine there for a while then it might be a near by tower issue which is causing the other close by towers to be overloaded with people..

I was told the same spill, You have excellent 5g coverage in your area, Also talked into this nord 510 which is a piece of shit to begin with.. I've had multiple issues with it alone on top of the slower than metro pcs 4g I switched over from..