data stash balance not available on device or website

  • 19 February 2016
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I log in to my account online and on my device and can only see the current usage totals and NOT THE DATA STASH BALANCE.
How EXACTLY do I check my data stash balance?



27 replies

You can see that after I login, there is no account option to view Data Stash Balance and I have Data Stash.

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Hmm, that's strange it should be there. After you initially log in, and you click Usage at the top, it should take you to the Usage overview page. From there, it should be listed right next to the Data column. If it's not there, we'll need Tech Support or T-Force to file a help desk ticket to have this looked into further.

Here is the screenshot

‌I have the same issue. We have 12 lines on our plan. After the 10th line was added we couldn't see data stash anymore.

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We need to have someone that can access our billing system so we can check on the data stash. I would suggest messaging our T-Force team using the social media links below. They're T-Mobile account specialists that can double check that the data stash is set up on your account.

Here is the current screenshot from the web.  You can see that I am below my 3gb limit currently and no data stash is showing.  I would expect to see even a zero data stash balance on this page.  Tech support has not helped either.  No on is helping with this issue.  I will wait until the 9 days are up and my new cycle starts to see if there is a data stash amount showing.

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Hmm, that's weird. What did they say when you called? Did you message T-Force team to have them look into this for you?

I'm experiencing the exact same issue.  Data Stash is no longer shown on the website and it's no longer shown in the app.

It makes me wonder if (and worry that) TMobile is in the process of eliminating it

And yes, Data Stash is part of my plan.  It has been since it was implemented and when I click "Plan" it shows that I have the 7 GB High-Speed Data with Data Stash plan.

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Hey, I suggest contacting our T-Force team. I haven't gotten any word that the Data Stash usage is being eliminated. You have the right feature and it should be on the Usage overview page. If you message T-Force through the Facebook or Twitter links below, they can get a Service Desk Ticket filed for you so we can take a look at what's going on.

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‌I called T-Mobile customer service yesterday about this very subject. The initial representative assured me that all I needed to do to view my "Data Stash" bucket was to go to MyTmobile website addres and click on usge and it will be displayed there. I did that very thing while on the phone with him and I told him to explain exactly where this "Data Stash" link was.... and he couldnt tell me. He checked something on his end after me being on the phone for a while... he replied back "Oh, I will have to transfer you"... lol..... I was transfed to some other department I believe.... and this genius told me that there is no active way of viewing my "Data Stash" with T-Mobile. I was actually recommended to call up T-Mobile each and every time I need to check my Data Stash. He says this is the only way to check it.

Im not sure if anyone else received any thing different from what I was told. I just feel like I have no real control over managing my own data. I don't want to call up mommy and/or daddy to check my Data Stash.


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Hmm, this is interesting @barcodeable.

When you look at your plan online, it does show that you have Data Stash included? When you go to the Usage page, does it look like the image I've included below? I'm referring to the View data stash link I've circled on the right.

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‌I have checked the "Usage Overview"  Page and now I am able to successfully view my Data Stash (Thank You for your assistance).  I knew there had to be a way to view the data stash, Im not sure why the T -Rep gave me the wrong information initially. Nevertheles, I am happy that im able to see every aspect of my account.

If I have any issues concerning my T-Mobile account in the future, I will look for help using this T-mobile support website. I was on the phone for a very long time with the initial call. I conversed with 2 Representative to be given the incorrect information, I will not fault the representatives for their unsatisfactory answers because I know they deal with hundreds  of customer calls on a daily basis.


My "Usage Overview" page DOES NOT have a 'View Data Stash" column or listing.  Why not??

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What plan do you have?

Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match, which I upgraded all of our 3 lines to on July 29.  Under my 'Current Activity' a message 'New Feature Added' was posted saying 'Data Stash Identifier GSM was added to your line.  This change will be effective 8/17/16.'

It's now 9/18/16 and it still hasn't shown up.

I have the same issue.  I actually received texts on my line saying "You have used all of the 0KB high speed data in  your T-mobile data stash.  You will experience slower speeds up to 128kbps until 10/17/2016.  Visit for more info or to purchase more high speed data."

I called tech support and they could not figure it out.  One person tried to tell me that Tmobile has updated their website which does not show your data stash amount.  After speaking with 4-5 different people, the verdict was that data stash is still there and available and they can not figure out why I can not see it using any method.

See my post here for more info:  Thread-134634


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u‌mm, my data stash View  has disappeared yet again from my account. Not sure where it went. Hopefully it comes back.

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Hello Team,

I have the 4 lines 6GB Plan + 2 "free" lines of the last year black Friday, and I cannot see the data stash.

There is a known issue with this feature?

Thank you,

Sergio Rivas.

Uh yeah, just went to look at mine and 2 others on my account NOTHING... going on a trip, 7 days left for data reset...I am probably ok, but the other 2 maybe not...

Me thinks something smells fishy...To many people dont have it anymore....

Guess you dont get what you pay for....

And another nail

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As of today... my data stash amount vanished from view... yesterday I had 12GB stashed for my 6GB mobile internet line, and my other 6GB mobile internet line had 11GB stashed....  😠 now today I can't view my data stash 😠 ... I have already had this issue last year... and they eventually fixed the issue..... now im having the same issue. I should have 18GB and 17GB stashed....

I don't like having to contact customer service all the time.... because I don't like for so many reps fiddling with my account 😢.

I will wait a day or so.... then I guess I may contact T-Force.... this is really is a waste of my time and a waste of T-mobile's time....

Yep!  Same here.  I've had 20GB banked for a while now and I have NO way of viewing it.  Just disappeared off the 'My T-Mobile' site.  I also agree with 'barcodeable' about not contacting support and having the reps 'fiddle' with the account, since everything else is working fine. 

I too am missing Data Stash viewing on T-mobile App and Website. Frustrating to my husband who is all of the sudden running out of Data for unknown reasons over the last couple months. He is convinced T-mobile is trying to push him into an unlimited plan.

My billing cycle ended 2/23 and I cannot download the bill and haven't gotten it in the mail either. Can't wait to see if Data Stash is on my paper bill. If this many people are having problems, T-mobile changed something.

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I am on an unlimited plan already... but i think T-Mobile is using subtle but effective psychological tactics to heard us over like sheep to the T-Mobile ONE Plan. They may start saying the T-Mobile ONE Plan doesn't utilize "BingeOn" or "Data Stash"... so to avoid the hassles of not seeing your data stash and bypass your BingeOn not working properly, why don't you just switch over to the T-Mobile ONE Plan 😈.

They may be trying to get rid of the bulk of BingeOn subscribers. The $3.99 Vudu monthly credits for the Simple Choice Unlimited subscribers ends at the end of this month. What's Next????


Napster UnRadio

Data Stash

in a few years... Tmobile/Netflix billing may start malfuntioning as well.

T-Mobile has in the last couple of days prevented me from updating my PLAN online 😠 WHY, WHY , WHY!!!!!

SOMETHING IS GOING sure T-Mobile will inadvertently expose themselves with the next UNCARRIER

BROADCAST.... then we will look back on this post and understand fully why they did what they did 😥

What's included with Simple Choice

Simple Choice, Simple Choice North America and Family Match Talk & Text plans for your phone are no longer available. If you signed up for one of these plans previously and are looking to make updates to your current plan (such as adding more data, another line, or a Wearable plan, etc.), please contact T-Mobile customer service to see if your account is eligible for the changes. Or, why not make the move to T-Mobile ONE™ today!


"Or, why not make the move to T-Mobile ONE™ today!"

(((((((Psychological Manipulation))))))))