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My Question on where did the data usage come from. We are using an Inseego M2000. It gives great service, even though it is a little quirky sometimes. It can give us 200+ mps most of the time.

our cycle restarts on the 8th of every month. I am assuming that means at midnight in a time zone somewhere.

This month May, the 8th was on Sunday. For us, our Sunday morning starts in time to get to Church at 9am. We do not have time to use be on any device, the laptop, either phone (2) or the TV (Roku) until we get home from church. On Mother’s Day we got home after noon. Yet at 11:26am, before we got home TM’s data report show that we used 2100.31505 MB.

We have 100G allocated per billing cycle. 2.1+ gig is not a lot compared to the 100G, but at the end of the billing cycle, 2G could mean watching and finishing a show. My wife had a broadcast quit in the middle because we ran out of data the first month. We have become watchers of data usage. Especially the last few days of the billing cycle.




No device on. No one home. 

Just feel like we are being ripped off. And TM seems the likely suspect. We are also irritated that we cannot add a few gigs at the end of month, or heck just add to the plan so we don’t run out.



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