Did not pay off Verizon as Promised

  • 18 May 2022
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Has anyone else experienced something similar? 


Back in March, my husband and I decided to switch over from Verizon to T-Mobile. We figured it’d be way better spending $160/mon than over $320 a month for both our lines combined. My husband and I were on separate plans at that time. 

I was told that I’d get up to $600 trade-in credit for my phone AND, if I sent my final bill in to T-Mobile, they’d pay off my remaining balance in the form of a gift card (electronic). 

Well, I never received any follow-up letters or an email from T-mobile stating that I had been credited. First, they will only give me like $100 for my LG wing, which was new, no more than a year ago (so much for $600). Now, My final bill for Verizon was over $500 - they didn’t cover but half of it, so I still am out of pocket when i told them I wasn’t switching over unless they could guarantee they’d pay off my full final bill and they said there’d be no problem. 


On top of that, we live in the middle of the city. My husband works in the city, and very rarely do we have full bars. Maybe 1-2, even though the coverage map states we should have full coverage. 5X better than Verizon, yeah right. I almost wish I hadn’t switched to T-Mobile at this point. PUtting me in a negative financial situation after being promised I wouldn’t be and after clearly explaining to the Verizon rep that I needed them to pay off my full Verizon bill because I wouldn’t have the money to pay them over $300 and also pay my new T-mobile bill. What the hell am I to do? 

3 replies

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This is a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have account access so we users usually suggest contacting tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support.


@gramps28 , I am aware this is a public forum. T-Mobile has been less than willing to deliver on their promises. Was told by two sales reps that the status of my Verizon account wouldnt’ matter, as long as it hadn’t been disconnected or turned off. Mine was late by a week or so, and turns out that in order to receive full credit for a bill, you have to show proof that you were in good status for 90+ days….not something that sales reps tell customers nor are they honest about. 


I’m posting to bring awareness to other people. I have been in management for a very large company (finance), and when we tell someone something, we are held accountable for that. It is my experience that even though my sales rep was an amazing person, management of T-mobile does not have the customer’s best interests nor customer service experience at heart. I had T-mobile 15 years ago and they sucked then which is Why I went to verizon. Paying half what I was, I wanted so badly to believe that they were right when they said their service was 5x better than verizon when it simply isn’t the case. Shame on T-mobile. 

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Yes I understand the reason for your post but if you want to get this issue resolved try reaching out to T-Force on Facebook or twitter.