Did T-Mobile stop selling the OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • 27 September 2019
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I noticed T-Mobile doesn't sell the OnePlus 7 Pro online anymore, but they still sell the older 6T. Why isn't the 7 Pro available anymore?


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Check your local store.  I was in my local store in Hampton and they had them in stock.  Because the OnePlus 7T Pro is not being sold in North America, T-Mobile has no reason to stop selling the 7 Pro. 

Well the 7 Pro isn't available online anymore; I checked T-Mobile's website and app. Maybe they're clearing stock to get ready for the upcoming regular 7T? Or maybe it didn't sell as well as they expected?

The strange thing is, I checked Google and it shows the 7 Pro in stock on T-Mobile's website, but the link just takes me to their "All Phones" page.

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There is no point in selling the 7T.  It is essentially the same as the 7 Pro with a smaller screen and a notch.  It's more than likely they just don't have stock until the next shipment arrives.  Google caches pages.  You could always call Customer Care to see when they will be available again for order online or call your local store to see if they have any in stock. 

The 7T is also cheaper than the 7 Pro. Nothing wrong with a smaller screen when it means easier usability, and it's flat instead of curved which many people prefer. Plus the tiny "notch" isn't a problem at all, especially compared to the Pixel 3 XL, LG G8, and iPhone. I'd rather have the camera on the front than a fragile pop-up camera that could get damaged.

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Hey there! I'm not sure why the device is no longer available for purchase online. Your local stores may have them in stock. If I find out more info, I'll let you know.

Yeah I had my order placed over a week ago, then was just told that the order was CANCELLED. they aren't replenishing any more stock

It's been discontinued. Be aware the 7T only has a 1080p screen rather than the 1440p 7 Pro. You might be better finding a 7 Pro in a store or unlocked. I couldn't see myself ever moving back down to a 1440p screen after using my Samsungs and 7Pro. Who downgrades technology? ☺️

I honestly don't mind if the screen is 1080p, that looks fine to me. I went

from a Galaxy S7 (1440p), to a OnePlus 6T (1080p), to a Galaxy S10E

(1080p). I don't see the 7T as a downgrade at all since it has better specs

than my Galaxy for a cheaper price.

Yes, Tmobile has officially dropped the OnePlus 7 Pro. The sales were very low, only accounting 1.3% of Tmobile's sales, as well as OnePlus only wanting to focus on only 1 model in the US. So they are dropping it and will be adopting the cheaper 7T instead.

However I did speak to a representative that did say that for those of us that already got the 7 Pro from Tmobile, the phone will still receive software support, and software updates.

Hopefully the 7T sells better than the Pro or T-Mobile might drop OnePlus

entirely. The only phones that sell well in the US Apple and Samsung.

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Did the 7 Pro sell badly?  Not from what I have heard, all things considered.  T-Mobile exclusive does kind of hurt it but Sprint is getting a 7 Pro 5G soon.  The rumor mill also has Verizon potentially getting OnePlus devices at some point.  EE in Europe and the UK move a lot of devices, which happens to be a part of T-Mobile's parent company.  Direct sales though is OnePlus's focus, at least that is what it seems based on these exclusive agreements up to this fall. 

Being my first OnePlus device, the 7 Pro gives me a lot of what I want without a notch, hole, or any other obstruction of the screen.  For some, that might not matter, but it does for me.  I love the McLaren Edition looks but the notch is what has kept me from purchasing one in the past.  As someone who has been through a lot of phones over the past 2 years.  The OnePlus 7 Pro, at least for me, has been the only one I feel like I will keep for more than 6 months.  It does t have a headphone jack, which is annoying, but not the end of the world.  No wireless charging when every other device has it isn't the end of the world for me either.  Even the crappy cameras, which are the same on the 7T (yes, because the 7 pro's telephoto is actually a 12MP sensor with 2.2x optical zoom that is automatically cropped down to 8MP to simulate 3x zoom) hopefully means the 7T's camera app will be ported to the 7 Pro soon enough.  The cameras are decent.  It's the software that sucks! 

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I have a feeling this has something to do with it: OnePlus 7T Lands Exclusively at T-Mobile | T-Mobile Newsroom​! 

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The Android 10 update takes time.  It amazes me the speculation that people think just because a device is no longer being sold, that all updates will just stop.  Almost all OEM's offer two years worth of updates from the date of the device launch.  Not all of those updates will come monthly and the older the device gets, the less frequent those updates will come.  The T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro has the September 2019 security patch, which is only available on the International version for those running the incredibly buggy, Android 10 stable release that wasn't fit for the very limited release it received.  The only devices that get monthly updates for a full 2 year cycle are Google Pixel devices! 

I put mine on the international update track. Yes, I have also read the 7T

will replace the 7 Pro. The 7 Pro however is a slightly more advanced phone

in features with the notchless display, 1440p screen, etc. I don't think

many run of the mill people will notice the difference though especially if

the marketing is good. Samsung is doing this with their 2019 upgrades --

underspec-ing them and they're doing well.

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@syaoran - agreed with the updates! My response was more in line with why the OnePlus 7 Pro was no longer available online which is due to us carrying the 7T.

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I replied to your post in hopes you might have some more info.  Those looking for every thread of speculation are getting some people worried when there is no reason to worry.  OnePlus has been fairly consistent in providing two years worth of updates for previous models and there is nothing to suggest that has changed.  

I know a lot of reviewers complained about the size, which is funny because you don't hear them complaining about the Note 10+.  The cameras are very disappointing but the cameras for the 7T are actually the same, just the 7T doesn't have OIS.  The 8MP 3x faked optical zoom is really the 12MP lens with 2.2 x optical but uses software to automatically crop it down to 8MP.  The camera software for the 7T is better and third party developers will port it to the 7 Pro.  The GCam ports give you the best image quality though. 

I guess by now you have heard T-Mobile will carry the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren edition. I figure this was their plan all along.