• 18 January 2021
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I’ve had my account with T mobile since Sept 2. After a week, I was told by client, prospects, and friends whom sent text messages, made phone calls to only get a busy single, sent emails, to which 60% of my phone was working properly. I was getting double text messages from the carrier and my Apple ID. Sometimes the Apple ID would take five minutes to come through on the text message and then sometimes 10 minutes sometimes an hour and sometimes even the next day… I changed SIM cards 3 times after addressing the problem with Sometimes the Apple ID Text would take five minutes to come through on the text message,then sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, AND sometimes even the next day. I spent over 50 hours with customer care & IT trying to see where it stemmed from. Also apple did two internal investigations and came to the conclusion it was my carrier. Then I found out about Digits last night, come to find out there were 9 added lines on my cell phone! Which t mobile would not provide me with the added lines When I asked them the details, but assured me they were taken off. Logging into my account this AM I see On my blocking list that Device blocking was checked and WiFi calls were turned on. Even though we turned off those options last night (also I’ve never turned those on myself) My phone is still not working properly, I dialed my number from my home line: and my phone never rang nor did the number show up in missed calls. I wasn’t even pushed to my voice mail, it rang for about 12 rings then went into a busy Signal. During my ordeals with T mobile, I was 75% of the time speaking to the Philippines call center, to which I felt they had me just going around in circles, never fixing any issues. I just logged into my account again, yet again, the device blocking was checked, and WiFi services for WiFi calls are allowed on my cell phone. 

1 reply

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Well Tmobile litterally has the worst cell service out of the 3 companies. I always have problems with thier wifi calling and texts its useless. The only way i was able to get it to work right is have them send me one of thier steal your internet and make a cell spot for every one, or thier cell spot. Which is absoulte garbage, you cant control it, so any one can get on there.  Adding in they count the data you use on your cell spot towards your hotspot limit and 50gb limit. It also shows you just how terrible thier service is, even sitting right on top of it I only get 90 down 30 up, and my internet is way faster than that, adding in 50ms, when my internet is 10ms fiber. 

Thier 5g is also a scam. The only benfit of tmobile is it is slightly cheaper. If you dont have one of thier buy one get one free lock you in for 3 years things just get verizon or atnt.


If you own your phone just get prepaid and its cheaper than t mobile. They 100 percent should have to warn people how bad thier actual service is.


This will sum it up for you,my friend has verizon, in the middle of my woods he gets 3 bars lte and downloads 300 down 100 up. I have to go 300 feet higher, and i get 3 bars of 5g, which is 30mbps and 2 up. If i go to town, and sit right on thier tower, with 5 bars of 5g it is 80 down 20 up.


Thier customer service is hit or miss, the website will say onething and they will say another. If you want anything other than basic help, you wont get anywhere.