Disgusted with promises, once again charged for using wifi

  • 21 July 2021
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This is probably the eighth or ninth time that I have called T-Mobile in response to them charging me for calling using a full Wi-Fi signal. I called four times before leaving for vacation and everyone said that it would be fine everything was set correctly and there would be no charges. So I just received a bill with $85 in charges. Yes there will be a 10th phone call and then as long as the phones are paid off, we will be switching to another carrier after being with T-Mobile since the day they started.

3 replies

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Wow, sorry to hear this has been so troublesome for you. I have a couple things to think about. Our Billing for Wi-Fi calls and messages section gives some info how you’d be charged if you’re using the service while roaming. If you’re making/receiving calls back to the U.S. you should be fine with an unlimited plan. You’ll need to make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi and using the Wi-Fi calling service prior to making the call. Another reason you could be getting charged is if you’re calling an international number while roaming. Those calls are charged and the fee will depend on the plan you signed up for.


I guess you did not read my total comment. I clearly stated that we spoke to four people before leaving on vacation. Each one of those people stated all of the settings were correct and we do have unlimited plan. Each of the four people did not know why we were being billed while we were on Wi-Fi.

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A call can start on WiFi Calling and be handed off to cellular, which would then incur charges.  If you are going to use WiFi Calling while roaming, put the device in Airplane Mode first, then enable WiFi.