Do call limits actaully work with Family Allowances?

  • 20 September 2020
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I just turned on Family Allowances to test. I picked one line on the account to test call limits. In the Family Allowance settings page for that single account, I unchecked the allowance box to enter a specific amount of 60 minutes.


This should indicate the phone now has a limit of 60 calling minutes in the billing cycle correct?


The phone is a Pixel 3a and is not on WiFi or roaming on a different carrier. It is using the stock dialer and not using any VOIP configs or alternate dialers routing through different carriers. After four days the allowances page shows 0 minutes of 60 used and the phone has been able to make 460 minutes of calls without error. Clearly it isn’t getting blocked after 60 minutes.


Now if I go to the allowed and never allowed numbers list, I can enter a number to block and that works instantly. It just won’t track and limit the minutes used. Checking all the other lines on the account, none of them are showing minutes used in the family allowance page. They all appear to properly track text usage and downloads. It just doesn’t seem to track minutes used on any line.


Is there a trick to this or is this just another broken feature? If it isn’t tracking minutes, how can it block?

1 reply

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It’s been a while since I used Family Allowances but when I did we had a 750 minute plan and we had my wife’s niece on our plan. All I did was set the number of cellular minutes she could use and it worked because she always ran out of minutes in less than 2 weeks.

I don’t know how the app works now though.