Do Unused Monthly Minutes on $3/mo. Plan Roll Over?

  • 15 August 2018
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I've been using the Legacy Pay As You Go Plan for well over a decade now, as it serves my needs suitably. My mother has asked me to buy her a new phone to use with T-Mobile prepaid, and she had originally intended to also use the Legacy plan, but since that no longer exists for new accounts, the $3/mo. plan seems to be the preferable option, as she will not be using any data functions. This will be replacing a postpaid Sprint plan that she felt was being underutilized given its $40/mo. price. Additionally, I'll be setting up her Google account to use Google Voice for WiFi calling, so as long as she's at home or near a hot-spot she won't ever need to use the T-Mobile phone. It's basically just for emergencies.

Back to the point, the information page on the prepaid plans is kind of confusing. It states that unused minutes are removed upon expiration, but I'm not entirely certain how expiration is defined. I see from the fine print that as for the $3 plan, you'll be automatically renewed for the next month so long as there is still a greater than $3 balance in your account. However, does that mean that as long as you don't allow your account to actually die via insufficient balance, your minutes roll over, or any remaining unused minutes from the plan's prescribed 30 are always removed at the end of each 30 day period?


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No. They do not roll-over.

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No. They do not roll-over.

regarding legacy plan ,have one that I want to get rid of,don`t use it enough,but still top up $10/yr to keep it active

Do you still have it available?

Yes,still have sim card