Do we really have to get new phone numbers if we purchase an iPhone 12?

  • 15 May 2021
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Trying to upgrade our phones.  We’ve had our numbers with TMobile for 10 and 20 years, 10 years for a work line and 20 years for a personal line. We selected “upgrade” for one phone and when we selected the iPhone 12 it said we would be getting a new phone number AND our TMobile phone number that we’d had for 10+ years as my husband’s work number was not transferrable. We then tried my phone line, which we’ve had since 1999 WITH TMobile (the account has always been TMobile) and it said that number was also not transferrable.  We do NOT want to change phone numbers but we need new phones. Soooo……

I will call a rep tomorrow or stop into the store, but I hope that isn’t what it seems to be.  Would it be because of the Sprint/TMobile merger?  Because that would be sorta dumb.  


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Sign into your MyTmobile account .

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Sign into your MyTmobile account .

I would go into your Tmobile store. Bc I kept my same number when I got the 12 pro max. 

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When you are not signed into your T-Mobile Account online and are trying to buy a device online.  It prompts you for a new number, assuming you do not have service already with T-Mobile.  Signing in and then going through the phone upgrade for each number, won’t prompt you to select a new number because the system knows you already have one. 

Upgrades done in-store, are now subject to upgrade fees.  These fees are usually $20 per line at a minimum.