DO you check bill?(you should TMobile illegaly charges/fraudulent activity)

  • 15 September 2019
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SO this haopened tmobile tried to illegally charge me.  I called them out on it and Carrie the agent was like oh well we refunded it so no big deal but only reason you refunded it is because i called you out on it and said i would report to FTC.  IF i didnt catch or was on autopay TMOBILE would of illegally taken 5 from my account.  SO not only will they put and illegal item on bill/ create fraudulent bill if you domt catch them they will also take the $$ for that fraudulent charge that tmobile created.

Please people get off autopay, go back to paper statements and def check your bill every month.  stats 101 if you have over hundred thousand customers and fraudulently charge one chances are you are doing it to others.  think hypothetically tmobile does this to 1000/month times minumin of $5 per customer thats an illegal 5000/month tmobile is fraudulently charging customers, thats over 50,000 a year....hypothetically if tmobile did do this on massive scales they are collect alot of illegal money.

def reporting to FTC and may file class action...please let me know if this has happened to you?


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I cancelled my second line and T-Mobil never stopped charging me for 11 months. I stopped it a few weeks after I opened my account, so I never saw a price variance. 
They offered to Reimbursed me for 3 to 4 months.  A Customer Service Manager named Shamus said that it’s my fault because I should’ve checked my bill.   
T-Mobil illegally billed me for a service that I did not receive, then they blamed me, the customer  

Really bad customer service. I’m filing in Small Claims court.