Does canceling a phone plan and returning unpaid EIPs have an affect on credit?

  • 5 April 2019
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Friend had an account with me on T-Mobile and canceled the account with out my knowledge. The account is in my name. We have 3 iPhones all paid on just a couple of times. When I spoke to tmob in store, they said I would have to pay the phones off (about 2k) or it will affect my credit. The friend said she called T-Mobile and they said to return the 3 iPhones and it wouldn’t affect my credit. I don’t know how true that is because if what she did I can’t trust her.  Help please!!


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The only way you can return the phones are if you are still within the remorse period.

If you're past the window you will need to pay the phones off and if you don't it will go to collections and go against your credit.

How long is the remorse period?

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What a great friend 😈

In addition to what @gramps28 stated,

The remorse period is 14 days when you buy the phone in the T-Mobile store, and 20 days if you bought it from online.

Here are other things to note about returning a device (click link below) 😉

Hi! If you are under Jump On Demand, you can still return the devices and they can close your lease. However, if you are on regular device installment plan, like what they said in the comments were correct.

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If you cancel your lease any remaining payments will become due.

JUMP! On Demand

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There's a few factors at play, but unless you're in a remorse period it's unlikely for a simple return.

Have you already spoken to our care team?


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Wait! Did she have the right to do that to YOUR account in YOUR name!!!??? 😕 Do you want to cancel the plan?

Our account is in my hubby's name and we've had to jump through hoops repeatedly to give me the right to manage it (he's not interested in upkeep..."Just make it work!").

if you have had a T-Mobile account for approximately six monthsoh, and we are on the highest jump program, but because of , but because ofcovid the bills have piledon top of each other, what happens to the unpaid devices. we have no issue returning them and being on a payment plan, but was wondering what the standard was., thank you