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  • 18 February 2020
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Hi Experts,


I recently encountered an issue with the network where the domestic Data was limited to 200 MB per billing cycle which is less than what the daily average now-a-days is.


I was in a Rural part of Texas(near Big Bend National Park) and there was no Tmobile coverage so I was put on USA Commnet and my Data cap for 200 MB -- > finished in the first few hours of my arrival (Enabled roaming data) and I was left with no internet for the whole trip.


It was very annoying since I didnt have access to the internet(not even 2g) to send out emails or do some basic browsing. I tried calling the customer care to ask if they can lift the network limits so I can send out a single email, but the answer was NO! There was no way to refresh the data usage or increase it with a small fee as well.


It is very frustrating for me being a long time Tmobile customer (Tmobile One) and I know the great value I get from the free International roaming that the network has to offer, but honestly the domestic roaming policy is horrible. I would ideally need transparency and the  freedom to manage my data plan irrespective of the roaming partner. 


Appreciate any feedback on this.



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9 replies

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I'm not an expert but do you think it's in the best financial interest of Verizon and AT&T to give Tmobile a break on data roaming on their networks?

Especially when Tmobile took 10 million out of AT&T's wallet on the failed merger.

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Most domestic roaming partners don't have monthly data caps (e.g. US Cellular, Viaero). Some charge T-Mobile so much for data that T-Mobile is forced to place limits on how much customers can use. Two that come to mind are AT&T and Commnet. The latter, Commnet, is a special carrier. They exist only to provide service in remote areas where no other carrier has any and they charge monopolistic prices for their services. The only way T-Mobile can afford to provide any roaming on their signals is to either limit the roaming or charge more for it. They chose to limit because they don't like charging overages. 

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With the plan you mentioned it, does show that one being active after 2015. Because you're using other carriers towers, we'd be unable to get you unlimited access. I am curious about what you're looking for specifically when you mentioned managing your data plan irrespective to a roaming partner.

*regulations from 2015 to have 250MB per billing cycle is not resonable at

the present time. And having no control over it is ridiculous. being a

customer paying for a service- I would want to have control over the data

that I use and if I have over used a certain data plan - I would like to

pay extra and get it instead of having zero data plan for the whole month

if I am traveling and put on a roaming network. *

*Hope this is clear to you. *

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You could turn off roaming and turn it back on only when you want to send an email or access the internet. At the very least, you'd be using data only when you needed it. 😉

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If you still need more help, you should use one of the options on our Community-2153​ page and have our Care team look at your account further for other options.


  I think this is a serious limitation being restricted with no data plan once the roaming data is maxed out. I was not happy with it and hence created this post to voice my concerns out.

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I remember a while back we saw something line $10 per mb after a certain amount of data reached roaming carriers were charging. So what you are saying for T-Mobile to pass the charges to you at that price? Are you wanting a plan where you pay a little more then they pay the other carrier more so you can get more data usage?  The restriction is because of cost to consumers isn't all that feasible for you and also for T-Mobile to eat.  You need to take it up with the roaming partners for charging exorbitant amount for a little bit of roaming.

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I hear what you're saying. We're only able to offer more flexibility with data while you're using T-Mobile's network. The data experience is a little different when you're connected to another carrier. We do appreciate the feedback you're giving us.