Double Billed - Billed for one balance two times

  • 9 October 2018
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I paid a balance online on October 1st, 2018 which was my due date. I was then charged for this same balance a second time on October 9th, 2018.  It is terribly inconvenient and unacceptable. Automated or not things like this should not happen. I am still waiting on a response from my message to support. I really hope this thing is ironed out soon.

has anyone else had this trouble, know how to go about getting my money back ASAP.?


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5 replies

Received message back from support and they said they do not see a second charge. My bank statement and notificatio say other wise.

No, but in general, when people have billing issues, I suggest that they become familiar with the Fair Credit Billing Act. T-Mobile likes you to call and use social media to resolve problems and hates the FCBA because the FCBA protects your rights, phone calls and social media contacts do not.

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By chance, did you set up a payment arrangement but decided to pay the bill before the arrangements specified date? That's a reason why you could have been billed twice. Our Team of Experts and T-Force team can file a Help Desk ticket to investigate the charges on our end if what I've described isn't what happened.

This happened to me as well. It’s very frustrating! I paid my bill ahead of time on June 19th, and they charged me for the same amount again on the 23rd. I called support twice and they said it was not showing up on their end and there was nothing they could do. I filed a dispute with my bank today so now it’s just a waiting game. I feel like my money was stolen from me, and it’s so disappointing especially when I am unemployed right now with COVID-19. This is a common issue as well. This is not right. 

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Oh man, that’s no good. Did our Care team mention filing a Service Desk Ticket for this? You should reach out to out T-Force team to take another look at this for you.