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  • 29 October 2017
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From the apple store both the 6s and the 5 I cannot get in contact with

customer service on either phones calls either failed or dropped the

repair dept. never see the 'failed calls or dropped calls'. 3 days to find

out the problem, it is 3 days today no calls.

Marie B.Marc

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Hey there, let me see if I can break down your issue.  You have 2 devices which were purchased from an Apple store. You are not able to make calls from either device.  You contacted tech support, did they file a ticket?  I'm guessing this is where the 3 days comes from?  And they never contacted you about the results?

When you spoke to care, did they go over any troubleshooting with you?  For example, resetting your network settings or cancelling your location?  Are you currently travelling outside the US?