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  • 29 October 2017
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more than 50% of the calles i recive the person calling me can not hear me so they hang up and i have to call them back, the same when i call tmobil at 611 i can not chose any options by voice as they dont hear me?

27 replies

nothing but headaches since i switched from Verizon to tmobil.

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What device are you using? also what signal strength are you showing? you might want to try to have them re-provision your phone if that doesn't work they can do a warranty exchange. when you call customer care do so from a different phone so they can trouble shoot, if that's not possible take it to the store. I assure you TMO does indeed have the best customer service in the business, the only other company that might have been better was Cingular wireless. IMHO

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Sounds as if you may have a hardware issue with the microphone on your current phone.

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Hey there! When you switch, we want your headaches to go away -- not appear! 😥
@nelfar212​ asked some good questions about your equipment and signal strength -- have you had a chance to Contact Us to see if there's an issue with the provisioning, or if there's something happening in your area? If you're still having trouble we'd love to know a little more about what's going on so we can try to help out!

- Marissa

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Howdy @abbashaya .

Did you still need some help? Please give us a reply back and keep us updated on this. Thanks!

More than 50% of the calls I receive, the person calling me can not hear me so they hang up and I have to call them back to get the conversation going and sometimes, they will answer but still will not hear me. We end up texting.

I'm on wall st. nyc.  For last 6 months my iphone5 over t-mobile get worse and worse at voice communication. Calls are not received. Connection is not stable. Only every other word is transmitted.. I have spent 2 months with t-mobile via messaging (I had a ticket 206.366.46, a day later they denounced this ticket). So should I switch to Verizon.

top the  crap "what device are you using"? I have changed phones 3 times till now same issue since June. The techs are full of games they never see anything and that is a lie. Once you give your number they put you on hold for 1hr or if call fail they don't call you back, for some reasons, they tell you they'll put a note and switch you over to the next rep. and the rep has no clue to what your saying. Stop lying to the customers I need my $40 refill back since 6 pm no one is able to help. can't get a supervisor when i ask for one they either put me on hold forever or call dropped

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Hello there, I'm terribly sorry to hear of your deteriorating service as of late.  You said you're using an iPhone 5, do you know the model number and is it a T-Mobile branded phone?

MD635LL/A, Most likely its T-Mobile

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From what I can see, the phone should be good to go.  You said your ticket was denounced?  I'm not sure what that means.  Did you get a notification that the ticket was resolved? 

When you were speaking to care, did they go through any troubleshooting with you?  Have you made sure your software is up to date?  Check through Settings>General>Software Update

Also be sure to check for carrier updates through Settings>General>About. If there is an update available, you will receive a popup here. 

Something else to try is to reset your network settings.  Setttings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.  Keep in mind that this refreshes all network connections and any established WiFi or Bluetooth links will have to be restablished.  Finally, you may want to reach out to care for a network refresh at their level.  This is referred to as "cancelling the location".  You will need to reboot after this has been performed.

we (me and t-mobile rep at instant messaging) did all of that. there is

still outstanding ticket 20636646. this started gradually happening about 6

month ago. I'm just wondering if t-mobile technology (LTE, 3G, 4G) in my

area become incompatible with my iphone as it's old. ie the old technology

is phasing out, thus my phone cannot set good connection.

few more things, i do not have data plan/connection. so my phone might

operate on old voice technology. if such technology is phasing out would

that be the reason for phone degradation?

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There is always the possibility of that.  Did the rep check your IMEI to see if your device was affected by the U1900 refarm?  You may also want to check your SIM in a known working device.  If you don't have one available, you can go to a store and have them test it for you.  If the SIM works fine in a newer device, you'll know for sure that the phone is at fault.

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No data? What plan are you on, if I may ask?

not sure IMEI is 01 343100 3611402 3. can you please test. i'll use my old

iphone4 to test my sim card.

It's old t-mobile Pay As You Go - Legacy

Just voice and Text 10c per 1min. and No Data

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Hmm.. that number does not appear to be working . Can you open your dialer, key in *#06# then call. The number should appear on your screen. 

Also, I'm not sure that trying out an older phone would be very effective.  Do you have a friend or family member with a newer T-Mobile phone?

sorry i mistyped the first the correct is:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I would definitely discourage posting any phone identifying information which can be linked to identify you or make account changes by someone with untoward intentions.

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Of course, @snn555  is absolutely correct. I apologize for not thinking about possible risks there.  Can you edit the post or flag it so that one of the mods can remove the number? 

No. There is no option to do so. I did asked t-mobile support. they are not

able to do this either.

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It's alright, I flagged the post and it should be taken care of soon.  Now, I don't have access to the IMEI search tool that would signify the phone as affected by the U1900 refarm, and all of my research points towards the phone being fine in NYC, but I know this hasn't been the case for you.  I still definitely recommend trying out the card in a newer phone, and the reps in the store will be able to help you with that.

thanks for blocking out the sensitive info. can you also do it on my post asof Sep 3, 2018 1:26 PM.

btw is there a way to change my username it's my phone, it's so wrong (retroactively to posts?)

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I'm not sure which post you're referring to.  (They aren't time-stamped for me). As far as your username, one of the mods can help you out.  I'm trying to tag one in this post but it doesn't seem to be working.  I flagged your post to bring attention to your name change request.