Duplicate Text Messages

I have been receiving duplicate text messages since yesterday.  I have tried all troubleshooting.


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This is a common problem. Sometimes I get up to 5 copies of a single text. I think the issue is that there may be some trouble with the system that acknowledges that the message was received by the phone, in which case it gets sent again and again until the acknowledgement is received. It may be related to WiFi Calling, I'm not sure. I just delete the duplicates and move on.

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I know duplicate messages can get a bit annoying @magenta1569455 . This has been a thorn in my side at one point. I'm curious, is this still going on for you? If so, is this happening with a specific number or just a certain area? Keep us posted so we can help sort this out. Thanks!

Yes it is still going on. I talked to support and they said it would be fixed by Sunday.  I get the duplicate texts from all numbers.


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Aw, that's no good. Sounds like tech may have filed a trouble ticket for this issue. Did they mention anything else to you?

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Happy Friday!

I just wanted to swing by to see if everything is back to normal now. I know it's not quite Sunday but feel free to update us in a few days so we can make sure everything gets squared away.

As of yesterday at 11:45 a.m. I’m still getting duplicate messages. 😥

I am still getting duplicate texts.

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Hey, all -- just checking in here to see if your messages are still showing up in multiples, or if everything's back to normal now that the projected fix date has passed. How is everything going?

- Marissa

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Anyone still having issues with duplicate texts?

I've been plagued by this for months. I didn't want to start a new thread, but it's very annoying. Any idea what is up with the network that is causing this?

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Sorry to hear that @jclucca​ 😥 Are you receiving duplicate SMS from all numbers or is it only specific numbers? Also, what kind of phone do you have?

@tmo_chris It's happening from virtually all numbers. I'm using a Nexus 6P.

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Thanks for clarifying! Have you been able to try and deleted the entire message threads from any of these numbers that you are receiving duplicate SMS from and having them send you another message to see if it duplicates again?

I've tried this but still have the problem. I'm also experiencing random messaging issues where incoming messages are delivered out of order or many past messages all come in at once.

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Oh yikes! This sounds more like a signal related problem if you are getting flooded. Are you able to notice what you signal level is when you realize you are not getting all your texts or they appear out of order? Does this seem to happen more frequently when you are in a specific area?

Duplicate texts happen anywhere and at random, it seems. The times I've experienced the message delays, it has always been later at night, and I've been at home. I'm using the Nexus 6p and use the Wifi calling feature. Signal is good and wifi is working when it happens. It's led to some hilarious exchanges as I respond to messages that came in out of order or was confused because messages were missing, only to be delivered up to an hour or more later when 10 or so come in all at once.

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I could only imagine how confusing this would be for both parties haha. We will need to take a closer look at this issue with you and get some examples. Please Contact Us when you have a moment so we can get a ticket sent up to our engineers for further investigation.

I've got the same issue, sometimes it's duplicating when receiving, sometimes when I'm sending. When I turn the calling over wifi off, problem is typically fixed...

Any suggestions?

I have had this issue off and on for at least a couple years, received duplicate texts.  In the last few months it has gotten much worse, now sometimes up to 7 copies!  Doesn't seem to be related to wifi calling, doesn't matter where I am, don't have DIGITS, Hangouts is cleared and disabled, deleted whole threads, cleared Messaging's data and cache - all no affect.  The only things I haven't yet done this time around are completely wipe out ALL my text messages or a phone hard reset.  But I have done those in the past and it only helped partially and temporarily.  It doesn't happen with all texts, may not be all senders, and the only pattern I can see is that most, NOT ALL, the duplicated messages are short ones.

Another (separate?) issue for years has been sometimes, not very often, receiving messages MUCH later (hours to days to a couple times months) or not at all.  And some messages I send are never received.

I have tried

I have checked all the suggestions in article but nothing has helped. I have deleted all threads, cleared cache. I'm using an Alcatel Evolve. The same 3 old texts (from 3 different people) keep returning. It has been a year and a half since this started. A year ago I took the phone to the store and hey put in a new SIM card to no avail.  New texts delete with no problem. Any further suggestions?

I have been receiving duplicate text messages for weeks now, and when this started I also noticed that I am not getting verification text from several different accounts and sites that I used to in the past. I am currently waiting for tech support to call me back. Hopefully this issue will be resolved once and for all.

I started getting duplicate messages a few days ago. I think it’s related to adding my watch to my account and whatever this primary/secondary thing is that I apparently can’t figure out.