E-mail to SMS being blocked due to suspected SPAM. Need to be added to whitelist please.

  • 28 August 2018
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We are having an issue sending email SMS (i.e. to our employees. Can someone please message me on how to get our domain or IP unblocked and added to the white list? I can send individual messages, but nothing in a group message :-(  It is a very important part of our business to our employees that have T-Mobile. All other carriers are working fine.

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Sorry you're having trouble with this. You'll want to reach out to our Tech Care or T-Force team and have Trouble Ticket filed for this issue. The ticket be sent up to engineers to help further with fixing this. You can use any of the methods on our Community-2153​ page to reach out.

I have tried doing this.  The young lady keeps asking if I have tried rebooting my phone.  😠

I have been sending Zabbix alerts to my phone for several months and they stopped going through in late January.  I see in the mail log of our server that the messages are accepted by T-Mobile, but they never get to my phone anymore.  The messages get through to my gmail, my VERIZON phone, and my co-workers' Verizon phones.  Can I get a whitelist, please?

Who do I have to call, and what is the number?  I need the domain PS.MYFLORIDAMARKETPLACE.COM whitelisted.

From our mail server logs, you will see that the messages are accepted

I have the  same issue with my company and every phone number I've called has no clue. I don't have a t-mobile number so I can't contact anyone directly on this forum. Does anyone have a contact number for us to us?

I am having the same issue sending from my personal hotmail account to my

How do we whitelist inbound messages to sms?

Calling support is a brick wall.