E-mail to SMS spam blocking

  • 12 November 2019
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We have been using the e-mail to SMS gateway to send notifications for voicemails received by our corporate PBX.   Sometime within the past few days, these messages started to get blocked.  We are getting a 550 failure code with a "rejecting banned content" description.  There have been some other threads that mention that we can get our domain whitelisted.  @srickar has helped others in the past with this, so I have requested to follow him so that I can direct message him our details.  The other threads have been closed, which is why I have started a new thread.  The most recent thread was answered with a solution to use an SMS short code to send out such notifications.  This is probably not an acceptable solution to most customers on this forum, as it costs $1000/mo to maintain a short code.


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55 replies

@srickar - can you help unblock E-mail to SMS/text from a specific domain?   The site is reporting that T-Mobile is blocking email to text alerts since the messages contain a link.  Please PM me if you need additional details.  Thanks

Not sure if this could help anyone, but it has worked for my company. When adding the group of contact numbers to the email to send through the sms gateway- the sender placed the contacts under the “BCC” section of the email. This then sent the message to each person in the group individually and the messages are now being received by T-Mobile users. We have roughly 100 people in our contact groups- and the sender doing this has finally seemed to fix our issue.


@srickar after trying to call technical support I had to hang up before I threw my phone at the wall.  I couldn’t explain to them that I have no problem with my phone or account.  I think I am being blocked by some kind of spam filter.  This happened immediately when we swapped my SIM card from Sprint to T Mobile.  We have Nagios which is a monitoring software and we email a Google Group with a list of our phone numbers in it.  Every other carrier works but T Mobile.  I can email my phones email address from my work email just fine - but the Google Group email doesn’t work.  Anything I can do?


@srickar I am having this same issue with email messages from our company’s outlook. Can you please assist? 


Found this year old thread. 
can someone help me with sms messages getting blocked. 

it is coming from my Arlo security device and because it has alert in the address is probably being blocked. 


how can I get this unblocked?

@srickar any suggestions?