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  • 20 June 2018
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If i purchase the 2 for one phone deal can i pay off the entire amount due within a month


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From what I've read in the forums here, no.

You need to have the EIP in order to get the BOGO bill credit.


What's that?????

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EIP = Equipment Installment Plan (the monthly payments of the phone at 0% interest)

BOGO = Buy One Get One.

You need to stay on the payment plan in order to get the BOGO.  My guess as to why they do this is to keep you a customer for two years.  If you got it BOGO up front, there'd be nothing to keep you from unlocking and going to another carrier and T-Mobile would have lost the cost of a phone and not been able to "make it up" in selling you service.

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Hey, @inquisitive75​!

Can you confirm which BOGO offer you're referring to so I can take a look at those specific terms? You can also see the current deals here: Device deals​. 

I know know what it means

I just cannot get the 2 for 1 price IPhones and pay off the $699.00 dived by 24 all at once. The 2 for 1 creates a 24 month commitment or you end up paying for more than one phone if I read the very fine print

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I assume that you're referencing the Apple BOGO promo that ended 6/24, right? If so, with that specific promo, you can continue to receive the EIP bill credits at an account level even if you've paid off the EIP. However, in most cases, during that 24-month period, you usually cannot cancel the line or upgrade the line without interfering with the EIP bill credits.


I will wait when prices go down and maybe buy a new phone

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Can I pay off my T-Mobile deal buy one get one ( Samsung Note 20) with with interfering the EIP bill credit, while i keep the wireless service for 2 years?