• 2 July 2021
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Why did you have me waste my time on some BS...I am and have been eligible for EBB and no one said Y Mobile doesn't except it

Sent me a email about 9 .26 off but you can keep that




9 replies

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It’s a little tough to tell what’s going on with your eligibility without looking at your account or seeing the email you were sent. You could check with our T-Force team through our @TMobilehelp page on Twitter. They can take a look at your account and see what’s going on as well as help with a solution.

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Why did you have me waste my time on some BS...I am and have been eligible for EBB and no one said Y Mobile doesn't except it

Sent me a email about 9 .26 off but you can keep that




You are not the only one upset about T-Mobile's application of EBB. Depending on the the type of service you have with T-Mobile, you'll hear a wide variety of excuses as to why you "aren't eligible for EBB." 


I have the Home Internet service, and after over a month of complaints, phone calls, and emails, I was told I didn't qualify because I needed a plan active "prior to March 10th." How is a customer supposed to know about this March 10th cutoff date if literally everyone I spoke with at T-Mobile didn't know about it until a month later. 


Other customers were told they couldn't receive EBB because they didn't have a qualifying plan. If you go to T-Mobile's EBB website, you won't find any information clarifying what qualifies, and you certainly won't find any info on a March 10th cutoff date. 


I would encourage you to file a complaint with the FCC and your state's Attorney General's Office. Both have consumer complaint departments that are supposed to step in for matters like this.


T-Mobile will not help resolve this issue for you. I'm over two months into the process trying to get T-Mobile to change their ways when it comes to informing customers about EBB, and they refuse to do anything about it. Still no updated website. Still telling customers they can receive EBB with NEW internet service plans. They are outright lying to customers. 


By the way @tmo_mike_c , every day that goes by without answers is another customer being lied to about a benefit that the FCC is offering. It seems to me like T-Mobile would be a little more concerned that they are lying to customers about a FEDERAL benefit. 

T-MOBILE IS NOT OFFERING A EBB DISCOUNT TO NEW CUSTOMERS OR EVEN EXISTING CUSTOMERS IF THEY DIDNT HAVE A HOME BROADBAND LINE BEFORE MARCH 10, 2021 & WILL NOT HONOR THE EBB PROGRAM EVEN THOUGH ITS BEING OFFERED BY NUMEROUS AGENTS IN NUMEROUS DEPARTMENTS AS OF MY LAST INTERACTION WITH THEIR HOME INTERNET DEPARTMENT TODAY AUG. 13, 2021!! They have no intentions of honoring the commitments expressed on their website or by their Customer Service Agents! Reminds me of a classic Bait & Switch Scheme....sales pitch I was given “Not a customer, no problem you can activate a new line of service for home internet & your EBB $50 discount will appear on your billing statement within 2 months”! The website is full of lies and EVERY CUSTOMER CARE EXPERT & HOME INTERNET SPECIALIST IS CLUELESS! I researched several broadband providers listed on the the FCC website by using the hyperlink provided. After viewing websites for potential broadband providers offering the EBB discount I checked out T-Mobile’s online offers, details, requirements etc, used the Chat Link  to ask if they were still offering the EBB Discount for NEW HOME INTERNET CUSTOMERS & finally called 1-800-T-Mobile to speak to an actual person before activating any service. I was offered the world on a silver platter (EBB DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR NEW CUSTOMERS WHO ACTIVATE A NEW BROADBAND PLAN & MY $50 DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED WITHIN 2 MONTHS), not only once but SEVERAL TIMES BY NUMEROUS DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES, SUPERVISORS & DEPARTMENTS as recent as today (Aug. 13, 2021). After activating a new line of service (New Customer) on June 22, 2021 I received a couple emails from T-Mobile “
There was an issue verifying your eligibility to the Emergency Broadband program. Please call Customer Care as soon as possible at 800-937-8997 so we can help you resolve this issue.” I called and spoke to multiple agents in multiple departments On multiple days for hours and was told multiple lies numerous times. One agent said your account has the EBB discount, but it will be 2 billing cycles before the credit appears, another agent said my EBB was denied because I didn’t qualify for EBB from the government (then called EBB CUSTOMER SERVICE & verified my application was approved), another agent said they just put you on the wrong rate plan it’s a coding issue “I guarantee my supervisor & I will get this resolved & your account will be corrected & your EBB Discount will be applied”, another agent said “the Government ended the EBB program March 10, 2021 & I didn’t enroll before the deadline”, another agent said my plan had to be pre-paid, another agent said to get the EBB Discount I needed to add a voice line with data to my account to qualify for the EBB Program & even did a warm transfer to customer care & explained to the new agent to activate a voice w/data line, so I would qualify and meet T-Mobile’s requirements to get the EBB & even told me after the new voice line I would need to reapply through the government for the EBB Program before the discount can be added. ALL LIES, EXCUSES, T-MOBILE HAS NO TRANSPARENCY or COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS and their agents are CLUELESS!!! The only agent who was concerned about straightening the facts out & truly was sorry about the misleading (Lies) information from all the other agents was a gentleman named Jordan.

I called EBB Customer Service & filed a complaint with them about T-Mobile’s Lies just to get new customers to activate new broadband service. Months of my EBB wasted! We should file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! It wouldn’t be T-Mobile’s first!

I am going through the same situation as you guys described here.

The claim about the March 2021 cutoff date is pure bullshit since the EBB program only started on May 12,2021.


I am poor and don't know or have the means to hire a lawyer but maybe somebody in this group of angry people does, PLEASE HELP.

In the meantime I will file a complaint with FCC and the Attorney General, and I incurage you all to do the same... this is money out of our pockets people. 

I have been a T-Mobile customer for the past 18 years. I was beyond excited when they began offering Home Internet. Sadly, T-Mobile’s Home Internet DID NOT become available in my area until mid-June. As soon as I was aware it was available, I signed up. I have even encouraged others to utilize T-Mobile’s Home Internet

Unfortunately, the date I was finally able to obtain T-Mobile’s Home Internet was after the arbitrary March 10, 2021 date of service that T-Mobile set for their company to accept approved EBB applications

Interestingly, my second EBB approval (from Universal Service Admin.) clearly states that I need to SIGN UP with a participating phone or Internet company by 12/13/21. (My original approval expired 09/06/21 because T-Mobile refused to honor it.)  The government does not require service be obtained prior to requesting the EBB approval, yet T-Mobile says we must have been Home Internet subscribers since prior to March 10 in order to receive the EBB.  Sorry T-Mobile….this is a government program with rules set by the government NOT T-Mobile!

Prior to losing my husband on February 9th, I had never asked for any kind of assistance.  Now, the government says I qualify for the EBB yet T-Mobile says I don’t   The EBB would be a tremendous blessing to my son and I for however long it might last, if only T-Mobile would approve my using my government approval with their company.

I have been a loyal customer who paid 18 years worth of T-Mobile bills on time  The appreciation for my loyalty seems to be making personally identifiable data about me available in systems that seem to be routinely hacked, and denying me assistance that the government says I qualify for  I am questioning my continued loyalty to T-Mobile

(My concerns about not qualifying for the EBB under T-Mobile’s rules was “escalated” today—after numerous phone calls to T-Mobile, and the expiration of my original Universal Service Admin Co approval because of T-Mobile’s refusal to approve it)  Each representative I have spoke with has tried their best to help me…it just has not worked due to internal T-Mobile rules which conflict with the policies of the Federal program T-Mobile agreed to administer  I am beyond frustrated at this point


18 Years A Customer and Questioning My T-Mobile Loyalty





Emergency Broadband Benefit Program | T-Mobile for Government

this shows what is eligible

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Last comment provides the only page that I ever saw regarding what plans count for EBB. It is plainly false advertising when the sign up page still links to Home Internet while it is clear that T-Mobile will not set up the EBB with Home Internet. Here:


Then on your account, some nice non-answer on which plans qualify:


I went through the samething recently. I have been with T-Mobile for almost 20 years and had the same problem. Approved by ebb was sent the modem and no one ever called me that their was any problem.ifound out when got a big bill. The person spoke to said had to be signed by March 2021but that is not true because it's still on until Dec. 31 2021 and the only change will be the amount covered. Reps were very nasty and no matter what you told them and confirmed they continued to say that had to be by March 2021. T- Mobile should check into this before informing customers of something that is not true.