Email to SMS ( is blocking our domain for spam.

I work for a local fire department, which uses the gateway to alert members of the fire department with (T-Mobile service) of emergencies/disasters. We use similar gateways from other carriers for those respective members, and they are without issue at this time. This system from T-Mobile has worked flawlessly for the last 2 years, until recently, which we are now getting bounced by the server and getting the mail messages kicked back with the following error (X's represent the member's phone number): gave this error:
permanent failure for one or more recipients (

i've tried sending messages individually, and even sending out messages as MMS, and I'm still getting bounce backs.

I see "srickar" on this site answering questions, as the spam admin for, and I was wondering if they'd be able to point me in the right direction.

Not only am I the one handling this issue... I'm also a T-Mobile user, and am one of the end users effected by it.

Thanks for any input.


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Can you help us with some messages that were blocked? We tried to sent an email to text notification regarding an outage to our employees and all of the messages were blocked as spam.

The message was “ProgramName1 and ProgramName2 currently down. Will update as more information is available.” with a subject “Some Services Down” from an actual users email rather than a generic “info” or “support”.



Hi @dangomango 

Please send me a PM with details and I can discover why its blocked. Most envelopes are blocked because of DNS restrictions set up by the domain owner for SPF/DKIM/DMARC.  Thanks.

Hello @srickar 

I have had this problem for months now.  I have had two support tickets submitted which did not resolve the problem.  The first ticket response simply said that there was not a problem and that the text messages were being sent through.  This of course was not the case so I again called customer support who submitted another ticket.  The response to this ticket was that GoDaddy had to update its system.  I asked what specifically needed to be changed and the rep did not have that info.  I called go daddy and asked if their email servers were up to date and of course they said yes and that they could not help me resolve issues with third party’s (T-Mobile)  blocking my emails.  Believing the issue lied with GoDaddy I moved my email hosting to Dream Host.  After moving my email hosting I tried to send an email to my own text number and it was blocked just as it had been before with GoDaddy.  I did more research and found something about the internal document DOC-414999.  This prompted another call to T-Mobile customer support.  I mentioned the internal document and was told that my emails were being blocked because my email address started with info@ followed by my company domain.   I was told that If I wanted to fix the problem I would need to change my email address to one that did not start with any number of generic things like info, contactus, etc.  This is the same email address I have had since 2011 which is on all of my printed marketing materials and has worked with text messages until just a few months ago. I would also add that the email to Verizon text works just fine. I also made sure that the blocks were not related to the content of the emails by sending various messages, all with the same results.

Is there any way to get this problem solved without having to change my email address?

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Hi @Luicien let me look into this. Can you please send me a D.M. with the domain and recipient info? I can check on potential reasons and provide guidance. Thanks.