Email to text (SMS); Unique number for every message clutters Messages app

  • 31 March 2017
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I want to receive "email to SMS," but  returns random 4 digit numbers as "sender," so each message received (even from the same sender) creates a NEW message stream.  This clogs the Messages app with tons of individual text streams instead of one single stream from that sender.  I switched recently from ATT and did not have that problem. With ATT, the same sender always produced the same source name or number, so I could put that number in my Contacts and it would always come up from that source and within the same stream.  With T-Mobile, it seems the email to SMS gateway converts every message into a random 4 digit number (ex. 392-1).  Is there a way to receive email to text (SMS,MMS) that doesnt generate a different 4 digit code as the "sender? (I have an iPhone 7)

3 replies

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Hey there @tson. Is this coming from an automated system? Have you tested sending from an email address like gmail to see if those messages appear in the same message string?

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Hey there!  We actually just had a visitor from our engineering team go into some fantastic detail about why this happens - you can take a look at the whole thread here: Text Message via Email‌.

The main takeaway for a workaround is to try to force the message to come through as MMS - there are some suggestions as to how to accomplish this on that thread as well.  Do you have the option to add a subject line to the email, include a picture, or ensure that the email body is longer than 160 characters?

- Marissa

What happened to the link with the solution. I am having this same problem