Emergency Broadband Benefit for prepaid accounts - form is broken

  • 17 May 2021
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I’m trying to sign up for the Emergency Broadband Benefit for my prepaid plan.  I went to  and clicked on the “prepaid customers” login link, which took me to what looked like a regular login page.  But when I entered my cell number, I got:

“Service Unavailable.

Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later.”


This problem has existed for most of a week now.  Note that I am able to log in to my account from the T-mobile homepage or wherever else with no problem.  (Obviously, since I’m posting from that account now.)  But even if I’m already logged in when I go to the EBB login page, it gives me the error above.  It seems like the EBB page is broken for prepaid accounts.

8 replies

Yes link does not work  Hopefully they will address the issue or give a special # for EBB. I just called and the rep said she did not know what it was.!!  Please step up T-Mobile

It took me 9 days and countless hours on the phone with Tmobile.  

I had the same problem.  Mine was eventually fixed by converting my legacy prepayed account to their new prepayed Rebellion account.  This conversion was no simple task.  However once you convert and login there is a tab enter EBB process.

Tmobile has really disappointed me with their policy of capitalizing on our hardship.

I qualified for the subsidy from the government, but Tmobile is withholding the subsidy unless I change from my grandfathered unlimited plan. It’s the bottom feeder practice that makes me want to leave for a company that won't try to take advantage of our hard times by forcing me into a different lower plan.

Shameful, TMobile. 

Here’s an update.  It gets worse.  After 16 days, endless calls, and converting out of my legacy plan I finally go the EDD discount.   Sounds good right?  wrong!  I asked about the discounted tablet and now they say I have to convert to a post paid account in order to get the second half of the EBB benefit. 

I’ve called EBB and contacted the FCC both are no help at all.  I happen to be and educated articulate disabled person with time.  The average person when have no chance of navigating this disastrous rollout.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s a shakedown disguised as a subsidy. The government may have good intentions, but putting it in the hands of corporations like T-Mobile to implement guarantees that they will get more out of it than their customers who are in need of assistance. It’s terribly disappointing. I was a fan of T-Mobile until now. They’ve lost my loyalty. I’ll be contacting my Congress member.

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Just my 2 cents here from what I have read this program is temporary and when the funds run out your deal ends and pay more in summary. Seems a losing scenario

Yes, a 6-month subsidy would be helpful if not for the fact that TMobile is using it to get me off my legacy unlimited plan. It's grotesquely immoral. I have already been in communication with a commissioner of the FCC about it.

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T-Mobile is lying to potential customers and current Home Internet Plan consumers about its EBB eligibility process. 


I submitted my first EBB application to T-Mobile back in the middle of May, after receiving approval through the FCC for EBB. 3 applications and dozens of emails, calls, and complaints later, I was told by the Office of the President of T-Mobile that the cutoff date for Home Internet Plans receiving EBB was March 10th. If you call T-Mobile's customer care line today, I would bet money you will be told a Home Internet Plan opened TODAY would qualify for EBB. 


T-Mobile is allowing this lie to continue being spread by its customer support. Nowhere on T-Mobile's EBB site is information about a March 10th cutoff. I encourage anyone else who has been lied to by T-Mobile to contact the FCC and file a complaint. These business practices need to change immediately. The management clearly doesn't care about a genuine concern of its paying customers. If they are not willing to correct these lies, more people will fall victim to their bait and switch. 


To be clear, as of my writing this, if you do not have a Home Internet Plan activated prior to March 10th, YOU WILL BE DENIED YOUR EBB WITH T-MOBILE. They will not tell you this themselves, unless you file a complaint and wait weeks for the President's office to tell you. Call and ask customer service yourself if you need confirmation of these lies.