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Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?


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Hey @magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.

We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

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Hey @magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.

We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

Want to complete the survey sent to my phone after our  purchase and sign up, but it expired. Wanted to give props to the guy who worked with us, is there a way to access that survey again?

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If it's the ForeSee survey it's having hissy fits. When I am on the site it pops up several times, and sometimes it may open for you. Please remember this is the ForeSee survey,

T-Mobile Location: Rockaway Blvd, Rosedale, NY

This review is about a specific sales rep at this location: Artamere. I've been going to this location for quite sometime now and never had any customer service issues and typically spend no more than 30 minutes. I had came to purchase a new phone as well as "jump" the current iPhone I had as I still had a balance left. The sales rep had asked if I backed up my phone which I had before completely wiping it clean. However, didn't transfer everything to the new phone to confirm which most sales reps do. She then realized that my MacBook was still attached to the cloud on the current phone and rather than signing off my iCloud completely -- she erased 11 years worth of memories and information on my Mac which has been unretrievable.

I went back in the following day after realizing what happened. T-Mobile did nothing to compensate for this although I've been a loyal customer for 15 years. Aside from the on going nightmare -- I still wanted to proceed on getting a new phone. I was working with Kenton (supervisor) as well as another new sales rep -- they inspected my current phone another time and realized there was a hairline scratch on the screen. They had said those scratches were never there. They took back the offer they gave me last night and couldn't authorize the jump as I was sitting there crying after all the inconvenience and things they took from me. The most they offered me was $100 to compensate for everything. A $100 credit towards my T-mobile family plan.

I am disgusted and dumbfounded with the incompetent, unhelpful, unprofessional, and negligent sales reps that represent the storefront of this company. I will never be going back to this location as I've lost all trust and desire to work any further with them.

I will be filing a complaint to corporate in regards to the staff that had failed to assist me and will be sure that they all get reprimanded for being improperly trained.

Please pass this commendation to right department:

Please extend my commendation to Richard and Ryan at the Pacific Commons, Fremont, California location.  They are both very professional and provided me with beyond excellent customer service.  Ryan and Richard have high caliber skills in making sure that the customer is helped and will have a five star experience with their service.  Their courteousness, attentiveness and willingness to help are very commendable.  T Mobile is very lucky for hiring sales professionals that carry an impressive reputation for the company.

Hello. I wanna write a review for the person who helped me earlier. He said he is not a support tech but he can help me anyways. His name is DeWayne. He took the time to help me because I was having problems with my data from yesterday. Thank you so much, DeWayne!

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Hi I was I  the Long Island South Store in valley stream. I just want to write to say how fantastic  Marrow was at that store. .Marrow stepped in to help me with my phone when it was locked and I was stressed out. He wasn't my original rep. I went over to him when the young lady helping me did not have the correct answers. Marrow was so patience with me especially when I forgot my passcodes on all my account. Marrow made me feel proud to be a loyal customer of T mobile. Marrow is a true asset to the Valley Stream Branch. Kudos to Marrow. THANKS AGAIN.

@tmo_mike_c  I  woke up this morning to find my phone was shut off. Due to Dorian I completely forgot to pay my phone bill. I called to make a payment and a lovely young lady by the name of Brea answered my call. She's located at the call center in Tampa. I have spent the past 30 minutes trying to find out how to send in a review on her. If that says how much she deserves recognition. Brea, is an AMAZING team member!! She is cheerful, bubbly, very efficient at her job and she just has a way about her that makes it easy to talk to her. Brea not only made me laugh and de-stress a little, she also made me feel as if I am a part of a huge family. My phone was reconnected, my disconnect fee was reversed and my payment was suspended for 10 days. If I'm still feeling an impact from Dorian after 10 days I can call and T-Mobile will push the payment out further. I hope this reaches her even tho I didn't get her last name.. Brea, thank you for being such a wonderful person. I pray you and your family are safe during Dorian, and all of Florida. Switching from Verizon to T-Mobile was the BEST decision I've made. Thank you, Cheryl

Hello! My phone was recently stolen so I went to the Santa Rosa, CA T-Mobile location (in Codding Town) and a nice young lady, named Charity, helped me. She was very knowledgeable, very nice, and VERY HELPFUL! She explained things clearly and made sure we got the best deal and best fit for us. I'm glad I was lucky enough to go in when she was working.

Hello! I had the pleasure of speaking with Dashawna (1232747) over the past few days. We needed to set up a new line and new phone but had a terrible experience in-store. Dashawna was very friendly, helpful, and professional. Great customer service, and I appreciate her help with resolving our concerns!

No you can't. Speak to their manager, even if they are in care or just in store, to let them know how they did so they get the kudos they deserve. I always leave mine under Google Reviews as well & make sure you fill out any survey forms.

First, employee feedback from customers should be an easilyaccessible feature for any company...the slightest action can substantiate customer loyalty or break it, which is essential tonimprove consumer relations. However, let me get started towards my purpose here, it is to shine a bright light upon a T Mobile emplyee nameqd Angelo empid 306809. This remarkable person has left a lasting positive impression upon me by lightening my moms monthly payment. She has recently retired and her finances have tightened. But my friend Angelo not only helped her, the way in which he applied that saving has awakened me to how important consumer relations actually can be. The phone call was recorded and should be reviewed to take notice of how a playful spirit works their magic and influences lives beyond financal savings but helps brand names stick out positively. THANK YOU, ANGELO306809

Ever since I switched from ATT to T-Mobile I have had positive experiences with customer service. Today my phone stopped receiving calls which is a big issue because I am working from home. I just want to mention that although the wait times were longer due to the virus, several employees were able to help me including Cameron on the website chat, Jamesa from Florida through the app and Joseph by phone. Joseph walked me through how to change certain network settings and I could receive calls and get back to my work. Thank you T-mobile!

Hi, I had a question about my billing and I contacted T-mobile help on the phone. A friendly voice answered my call and her name is Bella. Her ID number is 1393397. She is located in the Philippines. She was a wonderful help to me and clarified my bill for me. I wish customer service like this is everywhere just like Bella. Thank you.

Assamaou G at the Aramingo Rd location in Philadelphia was absolutely great!  Please give her a raise/promotion 😉....

Brian S

I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 20 years now and find myself having to move to another carrier. I received my new Galaxy 10E but after a month or so started having issues with messages, email etc. I called customer service, went through all the fault finding and it was determined that there was an issue with the antenna or at least what I was being told. They graciously upgraded me to the 10+ which worked flawlessly. Normal return process, mail back the phone through USPS which was done however it turns out they claim the phone was never received. On three different occasions I have spoken with rep’s and managers trying to resolve this with the latest call being today. I was basically told they could do nothing and that I would have to continue paying for equipment that I no longer have in my possession. This is the 2nd time I found myself in this predicament, same issue occurred a few years ago, warehouse received the return but didn’t log it in and magically it disappeared. Granted they corrected this for me and all was good.

I am appalled at the lack of willingness to correct this issue, I guess there is no accounting for 20 years of customer loyalty!!! 

Another disgruntled customer but I guess that doesn’t matter to a billion dollar company.

Dani@tmobile The expert I spoke with absolutely professional and had superb customer service! My experience today was truly wonderful and by far surpassed my expectations of how I thought it would have turned out! Absolutely love being a customer and it's times like these that I'm reminded that there are genuine people on this earth here to serve the needs of other people. Thank you T-MOBILE for having the right people for your company! Truly a customer for life and will always brag about you and help people convert to a true cell phone company!!! Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you!!!

Kat - 23502, was absolutely wonderful in the support they gave me. I had my account hacked and phone ported and they helped me very fast and with care to get everything fixed. They gave me additional options to help secure my account as well and was very personable. In a very frustrating night this was an unexpected and pleasant interaction. Thanks again Kat.

I am starting to hate T-Mobile you guys have horrible customer service and you treat loyal customers like nothing, you say you want to help people but you train your employees to lie. I will be switching out of this contract ASAP you guys suck!!

ID number:187078 Joy F

ID Kevin #187546

Customer service in

Were very rude and both said that they wouldn't mind me leaving as a customer and encouraged to leave since I my payment wasn't accepted which wasn't on my end it was on theirs, I repeatedly tried to make a payment on my account for 3 days, and it wasn't accepted and so now I am without services. Joy argued with me back an forth being were rude and interrupting me over and over when I said that wasn't great customer service she stated "She didn't care" I asked to speak with someone else and Kevin got on the line, Kevin was no help at all and encouraged me to leave tmobile. Tmobile is the worst. They can not satisfy there paying customer. What a disappointment.