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  • 25 April 2018
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Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?


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76 replies

Hey @magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.


We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

How do I leave a review?

Recognition Billie@T-Mobile - What an well rounded, outstanding professional on tech support team. Billie assisted me in troubleshooting my issues and got to the root of the cause. She helped me to understand why and what the issues were by placing them in terms and giving examples to educate me so could know and understand . Excellent job, people respond and follow through at a substantial higher level than if they are just told what to do without reason. This type of care provided me to trust and feel satisfied. The natural way in which Billie@T-mobile helped me was humane and refreshing. I never had customer service in which she provided. You cant teach the genuineness and patience that made her stand-out so far from the rest and a job well done. I now simply know and understand things that I could never quite really put together and even though I use them often. Thank you for your professionalism, active listening and caring to resolve my issue as if I was a relative or a friend that needed assistance. I lucked out by getting you on the other end of the phone call. Thanks again!

I want to give feedback on my experience while at TMOBILE in Montgomery, Alabama. I added a new line to my exsisting line, but for some reason, I could not get it activated over the phone with the expert. Therefore, I arrived at the store and a store expert name Darius Brewster greeted me as well as any other customer that came in after my arrival. Darius Brewster is an exceptional employee, his customer service is off the charts. This young man is exceptional. He is patience, knowledgable, shows great customer service, consideration, empahty, respectful and all the positive practices above. Meanwhile, as Daruis was assisting me with my phone issues, he was on the phone with the TMOBILE expert, I watched this young man greet, assist me, helped solve the issues with about 4-5 other customers phones, as they each came into the store, one at a time, WOW!  To add, at one time, he was waiting on me, the customer standing there, as he was helping another customer on the Ipad, there is no greater customer service, if so, I did not see it. Darius gets the job done, without even thinking about it; yes, he does enough for 2 people. I have been a customer with TMOBILe for almost 20 years and I have never, ever seen such great customer service and compassion, in an employee. I was happy when I left, and I think everyone else was pleased, as well. I did not hear not one complaint, about his customer service. Employees like Darius Brewster are very hard to come by, and he deserves an award and a raise. 


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Hey @magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.


We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

How do I leave a review?

post what your experience was and @tmo_mike_c  can work on getting it to the right people.

T mobile is not a good phone company they rip you off over charge for phone lie about discount and free Netflix I will be leaving this company real soon

I wanted to leave a review on a costomer servies representative. her name was kris. i wanted to say she was amazing she kind,calm,and did allshe could tohelp me the costumer out. i really wish for this to be shared. with her manager or whoever.she deserves a total raise


I did not get a survey, so I would like to leave a review on my recent sign up to TMobile services in the Port St. Lucie store at 3027 SW Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL 34953. Anna was extremely helpful and courteous and I have been searching for 10 minutes for a way to thank her! Great experience.

Jennifer Whiting

Hello I would like to leave a customer review for the help I received today. 

I am a new customer to T-Mobile, I went to the store and explained exactly what I wanted and I chose the magenta max family plan but I was surprised after that none of the promotions that I had was used ( switching the number and the promotion offered by my work ..) and the bill was big one and different than what i heard from the store manager assistant 😕… so I decided to take back everything and cancel my account and go back to my old phone service.. but one very excellent employee in the customer service was able to calm me down and he was extremely helpful and understanding to the situation and he did his magic and fix everything very professionally , His name is Ethan ,I asked for his last name but he said it’s against the T-Mobile policy so he gave me his work id number :128060612 .

if my account is still here with T-Mobile, it’s only because of Ethan … hopefully T-Mobile will promote him he deserves it 💯.. 6 families waiting to see my experience with T-Mobile to switch their lines..


I've been with T-Mobile for almost 16 years and was offered a comparable rate plan, that cost less than my current T-Mobile plan, also new updated phone by another provider. But because I don't like the hassle of switching companies I called T-Mobile to ask what they can offer me so I would consider staying to my astonishment the only offers I got was what I can already view online and would be additional cost to my bill. I didn't feel like a valued customer as they would like to call it! So with much consideration I will be making my switch today. 

I want to give a shout out to Naomi from 207th street Broadway at tmobile. She was very friendly, helpful and attentive to the needs of the customer. She helped my dad Juanito Marte with his new phone. He was very satisfied with the great customer service she provided. 

Today I had the best experience ever at T-mobile here in Charlottesville Virginia… My phone was messed up and Maryam and Jessica and Rachel made sure I was taken care of. They offered me a lot of promotions they are having like the 5g promotion.. the staff was very respectful, and they treated me when I first came in. Maryam the manager I swear she goes above and beyond to make sure her customers get the best service ever. I was so happy getting a new from there today. I got the iPhone 13. I’m so grateful and blessed to have the staff at T-Mobile to help me. I want to send a huge thank you to Maryam .. I even got a little gift bag with some goodies in it yay .. I want to say thank you so much again for the best service today..the store I went to was T-Mobile-837D 1600 rio road east in Charlottesville Virginia… sales rep#989 my experience was magically and it will definitely bring me back.. I even got to do a TikTok there… Rachael, Maryam, and Jessica you all rock…… Sharonda Jackson 

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you guys still able to pass these up the chain to get these employees noticed?

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I can pass these along :D Best part of my job is seeing that we are making a positive impact on peoples’ lives!! Thanks for sharing the feedback here so we can shout it from the mountain tops for all to hear. 

My husband and I purchased new phones from Costco. When they arrived we went into the Parker, Colorado location where the manager Lane Erskine was very friendly, helpful, and most of all knowledgeable.  It was a very pleasant experience.

I never received a link to give a review for Alberto (hopefully I got the name right). On November 30.2022, he helped me at 9 a.m. at the T-Mobile location at 3225 14th St NW, Washington, DC, 20010. He was super helpful and was able to connect my service to my other phone in less than 10-15 minutes. Amazing! Thank you! 


Yesterday i was looking for some help with my account, so i called t mobile support.


the person i was connected with was awesome, and really helpful, and cheerful (for some reason..)


and she was awesome. she said her name was Contessa, and i’d like for her to be recognized (as above average)by the t mobile corporation.


our phone call took place one December 20, 2022. please reach out to me if you need more information  on the call.



Just in case I don’t get a survey, I wanted to make sure Christopher at the TMobile store in Covington, WA get his due kudos. Walked in the store with questions concerning getting a phone that would work to text and call from the middle east, not to the middle east. Christopher knew exactly what we needed and we even threw in a few more kinks that he didn’t even blink at! It was such a positive experience. Christopher was so personable, helpful, got us a new phone, new number, and out the door in under 30 minutes. It was awesome!

Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?

I'm trying to leave a review for tmoble on Google and it directed me here. I have had Tmobile for 3 yrs and continuing! I had a question today and 2 representatives helped me today Aliz and JM, I want to leave separate reviews but incase I can't or have to wait 24hrs after leaving 1 review.

I have been with Tmobile for 3 yrs and continuing. When I ever need assistance from Tmobile weather it is on the phone with customer service or in person at my local store I have always been 100% satisfied every time! No doubt being put in a good mood by Tmobiles representatives hands down! I have left reviews for many online or I always make sure I leave ratings in the surveys that randomly come by text or email! Today I had the pleasure of speaking with 2 representatives Aliz and JM and thank you again for a 5 star rating! I used to ask if they all do a happy dance before there shift lol! JM was very positive and professional with me and listened to my needs and questions. Aliz was so super professional and positive with me throughout the full conversation! Aliz and JM answered all my questions to the fullest and some. They both were very polite and so cheerful. If your in a bad mood before calling your gonna be in a better mood when your done talking to Tmobile representative! My service with Tmobile has always been great and the new wifi box has been great as well! Thank you again Aliz and JM!!


                                        Brittany Sowle

My biggest mistake was leaving Verizon. Don’t trust TMobile on their so called promotions. Everything is a lie. Don’t trade in your phones with them. I lost 2 of mine to them for free. There’s a lot to say. They rob you in daylight because they are trained to lie. Most important if on auto pay.. always check your transactions. They steal by charging you more every month. 

This is regarding the phone employees at Tmobile let me start off by saying I am the sorriest person for switching to Tmobile.  I have never felt so deceived and aggravated since I received there phones. And I do not appreciate all the ppl I spoke with who Lied to me ...Yes more than 1 customer representatives Lied to me telling me there fixing my bill and for me to go pay a certain amount and my bill will recycle over back to zero ..well let me tell you I feel like a clown 🤡 A real Bozo honestly..and I Warn You All DONT Switch To Tmobile I'm Still Sorry I Did ...If you wanna be Lied too and made to feel like a. Clown 🤡  call the representatives who claim to help you but never do ...It's a real shame Tmobile reps lie to gain customers 

Ivan from the Geneva, Illinois store was fantastic! Such a hard worker and dedicated to being honest and making sure you understand your plan and what you are paying for. He helped me get the most affordable phone and service for my needs. 

Hello! Not sure where leave a employee review but I wanted thanks Jay@T-Mobile. I only call customer service  just to make one small adjustments, and I end of having a really good conversation, and keeping me updated with t-mobile promotions. I’ve been with T-mobile for 8yrs!! Thanks you once again! Love the attitude, small compliment and gestures bring back the faith in customer service! 

I wouldn’t advise anyone to use T-Mobile it’s the worst. I paid my bill and each time I try to make a call or go online it’s saying that I don’t have enough to do so. But whenever I call them they say tht my account is active and I should restart my phone until they say I should wait 72 hour  each time I call after 72 hours they say I should wait another 72 hours. I asked for a refund n shut my number down but they don’t want to do that. 

I am Noza and would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for Kimberly@T-Mobile.She was great to find a solution when my both cards didn't work.Her great personality,amazing customer support and cheerful attitude made me feel good and secure.I was out of data and could not access to my bank account but she provided me extra bonus and gifted me another$17 to keep my data on.Yesterday was her birthday Kimberly@T-Mobile be happy and wish you all the best!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳.I wish there were people like you in the world.!!!!