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Can I leave a T-mobile employee review anywhere?


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Thank you Michelle@T-Mobile, Romvick@T-Mobile and Claire@T-Mobile. They picked up my calls and answered every single small details I've questioned about; they've configured everything as I needed to. Thank you for removing the line I wasn't satisfy about it and making such great arrangements plan payment with me. I will continue on forward be a Loyal Customer on T-Mobile! I couldn't be more happier than their customer services and comprehending my solutions right away! MVP.


I brought my phone  into t-mobile in Brooklyn (1684 Shore Parkway) since a sims card was stuck in phone.  Kabdeem immediately attempted to remove the sims card and actually made several attempts to remove it.  He was personable nice and kind. I did buy another phone and he helped to make the transaction smooth and quick.

The customer service was excellent - Kabdeem thank you so much.


I live in Tarzana CA (91335) . All I get is fake 5g and 4g icons , I only get 0.04mbps download and 0.8 upload speed on both 5g and 4g , sending picture message take couple days and never go through, called customer service couple times , they just saying we will send technicians to check the towers , but definitely no one come , time to leave tombile

Dani@tmobile The expert I spoke with absolutely professional and had superb customer service! My experience today was truly wonderful and by far surpassed my expectations of how I thought it would have turned out! Absolutely love being a customer and it's times like these that I'm reminded that there are genuine people on this earth here to serve the needs of other people. Thank you T-MOBILE for having the right people for your company! Truly a customer for life and will always brag about you and help people convert to a true cell phone company!!! Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you!!!

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Hey @magenta4753749  and thanks for posting.

We don't really have an official employee review option here on support. If you'd like, you can reply to my private message and I'll make sure I get your review sent to the right folks on my internal team. We always appreciate any feedback so please let me know. Thanks!

I’ve been in customer service for twenty-two years. I truly appreciate service when I am patronizing a business. I had a an issue &  Tyrez(9992210723) was an absolute joy to speak with & a huge help. 

Hello! I’m writing because I am happy with the big help I received on buying my new phone from Arocha28 Excellent customer service . Araceli Rocha was very nice, patient and helpful in helping me find a new phone the other day. I truly love the top notch friendly and very professional service I’ve received from Araceli . i have referred others already! 


I have been a loyal Tmobile customer for 15+ years. I decided to leave T-Mobile and switch to a competitor and called T-Mobile customer care unit. The gentleman who took the call was the best customer service rep I have talked to in my life. His name is Gian (ID# 5119318). He radiates positive energy, kind, respectful, caring and did not stop smiling during the entire conversation. I am a very difficult person to deal with, grumpy, very needy, tough, with bad communication skills, but this young man (he must be my son’s age) changed my mind. I have read that Amazon's success can be attributed to a number of factors, however Jeff Bezos gives to top spot “Customer Obsession”. The customer care is the one reason for the success for many businesses. Because of employees like Gian, I will stay with TMobile, hopefully for the next 15+ years. I hope that our conversation with Gian was recorded and the new customer care trainees review and study the way Gian handled himself and spoke to a customer. Thank you, Gian! I am sure you will be successful in your career and life if you continue to radiate such positive energy.  Message to Senior Managers: T-Mobile will continue to flourish if you continue to hire people like Gian.

I had the pleasure of speaking to jeline. She went above and beyond to help me and she taught me a thing or two about her! Thank you so much T-mobile. 

I am a new customer to T-Mobile, I went to the store and explained exactly what I wanted and I chose the magenta max family plan but I was surprised after that none of the promotions that I had was used ( switching the number and the promotion offered by my work ..) and the bill was big one and different than what i heard from the store manager assistant 😕… so I decided to take back everything and cancel my account and go back to my old phone service.. but one very excellent employee in the customer service was able to calm me down and he was extremely helpful and understanding to the situation and he did his magic and fix everything very professionally , His name is Ethan ,I asked for his last name but he said it’s against the T-Mobile policy so he gave me his work id number :128060612 .

if my account is still here with T-Mobile, it’s only because of Ethan … hopefully T-Mobile will promote him he deserves it 💯.. 6 families waiting to see my experience with T-Mobile to switch their lines..


We have been T-Mobile customers for 17 years. Recently we upgraded our phones at a retail store. Unfortunately at the store we were misled by a promotion and it turned in to quite a mess. After no success working at the retail store I spoke with Whitney a T-Mobile expert in Maine who was understanding, professional, knowledgeable and came up with a resolution that we were happy with. We were very unhappy with T-Mobile prior to luckily getting matched up with Whitney. We will now continue our long standing partnership thanks to Whitney. My recommendation here is to make sure you deal with a corporate T-Mobile store and not a third party retail store. We did not realize there was a difference and something T-Mobile should let customers be aware of. To find out a corporate store location you can get that information easily from Customer Service.



                   !EMPLOYEE REVIEW !

I just wanted to write a employee review about Mariane with the REP ID 17780276 she was absolutely outstanding incredibly helpful  and I wish this is sent to the right department so mariane gets the recognition she deserves 👍  ALSO THANKS T-Mobile

Recognition Billie@T-Mobile - What an well rounded, outstanding professional on tech support team. Billie assisted me in troubleshooting my issues and got to the root of the cause. She helped me to understand why and what the issues were by placing them in terms and giving examples to educate me so could know and understand . Excellent job, people respond and follow through at a substantial higher level than if they are just told what to do without reason. This type of care provided me to trust and feel satisfied. The natural way in which Billie@T-mobile helped me was humane and refreshing. I never had customer service in which she provided. You cant teach the genuineness and patience that made her stand-out so far from the rest and a job well done. I now simply know and understand things that I could never quite really put together and even though I use them often. Thank you for your professionalism, active listening and caring to resolve my issue as if I was a relative or a friend that needed assistance. I lucked out by getting you on the other end of the phone call. Thanks again!

Kat - 23502, was absolutely wonderful in the support they gave me. I had my account hacked and phone ported and they helped me very fast and with care to get everything fixed. They gave me additional options to help secure my account as well and was very personable. In a very frustrating night this was an unexpected and pleasant interaction. Thanks again Kat.

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to Customer Service Agent JT of Huntsville, Texas for his outstanding customer service skills. His undeniable effort to assist  my visit was very refreshing , his worth of knowledge, his overwhelming patience and devoted attention to customer’s concerns is truly amazing.  Thanks to you JT great job!


Hello! Please pass this on to any appropriate parties.


I want to thank Gavin Smith from the Florence, KY location.  He assisted me in opening up a new plan, obtaining the best deal that encompassed all I was looking for, the switch from Android to iPhone, and everything in between.  He was welcoming, knowledgeable, and seemed like he truly enjoyed what he does.  It was a breath of fresh air to have such a hospitable salesman who could sell but not make me feel an insane amount of pressure.  I understand there’s always a quota, but if you oversell me, I am the type of person to lock up and walk away because of a feeling of discomfort.  This was NOT the case at all.  In fact, I wanted to buy everything in the store for this young man.  He’s an absolute asset to your team and you should be grateful you have him. Thank you, Gavin, for everything you did for me & continue to do when I call the store with questions.  

I wanted to leave a review on a costomer servies representative. her name was kris. i wanted to say she was amazing she kind,calm,and did allshe could tohelp me the costumer out. i really wish for this to be shared. with her manager or whoever.she deserves a total raise


Location 4350 Ridgecrest Dr Se, Rio Rancho NM. 

Nicole was my rep and she did amazing! Employee of the month!

I want to give feedback on my experience while at TMOBILE in Montgomery, Alabama. I added a new line to my exsisting line, but for some reason, I could not get it activated over the phone with the expert. Therefore, I arrived at the store and a store expert name Darius Brewster greeted me as well as any other customer that came in after my arrival. Darius Brewster is an exceptional employee, his customer service is off the charts. This young man is exceptional. He is patience, knowledgable, shows great customer service, consideration, empahty, respectful and all the positive practices above. Meanwhile, as Daruis was assisting me with my phone issues, he was on the phone with the TMOBILE expert, I watched this young man greet, assist me, helped solve the issues with about 4-5 other customers phones, as they each came into the store, one at a time, WOW!  To add, at one time, he was waiting on me, the customer standing there, as he was helping another customer on the Ipad, there is no greater customer service, if so, I did not see it. Darius gets the job done, without even thinking about it; yes, he does enough for 2 people. I have been a customer with TMOBILe for almost 20 years and I have never, ever seen such great customer service and compassion, in an employee. I was happy when I left, and I think everyone else was pleased, as well. I did not hear not one complaint, about his customer service. Employees like Darius Brewster are very hard to come by, and he deserves an award and a raise. 


Karen McQueen

I would like to thank Neisha McLilly from the Jackson,Tennessee T Mobile store on Vann Drive who helped me get my mom’s phone ported. She was very patient and professional and got the job done. T Mobile is very fortunate to have an employee of her caliber.

I just wanted to extend my sincere appreciation to Customer Service Agent Patricia of Albuquerque for her outstanding customer service skills. Her undeniable effort to assist in every possible way she can is worth noting for. her knowledge, her overwhelming patience and devoted attention to customer’s concerns is simply amazing.  kudos to you Patricia! god bless!

Rick V

I did not get a survey, so I would like to leave a review on my recent sign up to TMobile services in the Port St. Lucie store at 3027 SW Port St Lucie Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL 34953. Anna was extremely helpful and courteous and I have been searching for 10 minutes for a way to thank her! Great experience.

Jennifer Whiting

Best service ever!  @Queen5667300@T-Mobile has the best above and beyond attitude. Problem solver and a true asset to the company! 

My device is eligible for a trade in and I do a get discount if I trade it. But I do not get Half Off when I trade it in on any plan like the ad says. If they were being honest the ad would read, iPhone 13 Pro & AirPods UP TO HALF OFF when you trade in an eligible device on any plan. Saying the customer gets Half Off with the trade in of an eligible device directly states that the customer gets Half Off, not $100 off, not $200 off, but Half Off.

So why is it that I am offered $100 off on my trade in which is a device that is eligible for trade in? Didn’t they say I would get Half Off when I trade in an an eligible device? It’s because the customer only gets Half Off on a trade in of an eligible device IF the device is an iPhone 12. So of course the ad could also have said, Half Off if you trade in an iPhone 12. That would have been honest.

I need to leave a review here. Lately is literally imposible to get customer service when we need it. Either by phone or chat nobody answer, the return of the calls are way later, when you are busy. What is happening with the service? And no, it is not due to the time, because I have tried already different times. What is going on here?