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  • 15 May 2019
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I want to exchange a gold iphone 8 for a black one. I ordered the phone from, however, it was in-store with the help of an employee. I heard that I am able to exchange the phone under buyers remorse, but I would have to pay another down payment for the black phone since it takes 30 days for a refund. I really do not want to do this because I paid for the phone in full and do not want to make another transaction. I was wondering, is there a way around this, and can I make this exchange at a different t-mobile store than where I ordered the gold phone?


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Unfortunately that's gonna be the only way. 😥

Different colors are treated as entirely different skews. This means it's really no different exchanging a gold iPhone for a black than it is an iPhone for a Galaxy.

I did something similar not too long ago and ultimately decided to go through the exchange process with the mentality I use my phone every day and am happier for it!