Expert, T-Mobile & T-Mobile Contact List Entries

  • 23 December 2022
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Every day unauthorized entries are made to contacts on my Galaxy S 9 phone for “Expert, T-Mobile” with a long list of associated numbers and “T-Mobile” with one associated number.  They are automatically deleted each day when the phone syncs with my computer, but reappear a few hours later.  The phone is scanned for malware each day. This behavior started in December.  How can I block these entries or opt out of receiving them.

3 replies

Yes, I just noticed the same on my phone. Inquiring minds want to know?

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If you go into your Contacts on your Google account.  Are they there?  Can you delete them from there to see if they go away and stay away?


I don’t have a Google account.  What I did to fix the issue was to delete the items, back up the device, initialize the device to factory settings and then restore data from the backup.  The whole process took just a few minutes.  The issue never returned.